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Zuri’s Astrological Starcast for October 2020

Feel the astrological breeze of balance and creativity lightening our world this month as the sun hits full power in Libra through Oct 21st. Improved communication and answers wash over our relationships and finances as we say goodbye to the residual energy of the Mercury retrograde by October 1st. We all felt the effects of this metaphysical hurricane. Last month’s retrograde in both Libra and Virgo really shook things up emotionally, electronically and financially. Health issues nagged at us for urgent care and some of us helped cherished loved ones cross over. It also urged us to question the status of our partnerships, both professionally and personally. It illuminated where there were problems, mis-communication and shifted the course towards finding solutions to the issues bubbling beneath the surface. The relationships with ourselves as well as the people in our lives came under the microscope.

You may have found yourself asking these karmic questions:

“Is this relationship really bringing me happiness?”

“What is my role in creating the disconnect?”

“Am I honoring my needs by staying in this partnership or am I better off parting ways?”

Boundaries were tested, alliances formed and major CPR was prescribed through counseling, listening and hard work. Some relationships survived the storm and became stronger for the experience. And, others weren’t quite so fortunate.

Thankfully, now that Mercury has gone direct in the sign of Libra, we can look forward to new awareness, understanding and solutions to situations that had everyone in a state of limbo. With light cast on the unique areas of imbalance, it sent a karmic reminder to take better care of ourselves by not neglecting our needs. Between October 3rd and the 4th, the Aries Harvest Moon brings magical possibilities of new romances, relationships moving in the direction of renewed commitment and people from the past reconnecting to fulfill karmic lessons. This full moon will bring a much needed energy boost of creativity to new projects, ways of thinking as well as a chance to solidify a business partnership. On October 12th, Jupiter goes direct, encouraging a fun season of expanding one’s social circles, making new friends and thinking outside the box… right in time for the party planning of the Halloween festivities October 31st! A special note to my Aquarian friends: You’ll definitely feel the effects of this planetary shift the most with the angelic realm giving you opportunities to move forward and express your individuality in exciting new ways. The preference of the people should be in kundli milan by name to get the desired results. The identification of the right path should be selected to crack the best deal. The opportunities should be handled carefully to get the correct results. 

From October 9 – 28th, Mercury will be harmonizing information and focusing our efforts on creating balance in those partnerships, encouraging teamwork as well as improving our diplomacy and tact in the way we communicate with others. If you’ve been on the outs with a family member, Mercury will help let go of the chaos and get to the root of the disagreement so that you can reconnect and smooth out your differences. On October 14th, Venus joins Mercury in Libra, sprinkling magic fairy dust all along her path. Artists and writers will also feel inspired this month with redecorating, art gallery showcases, book launches and progress in the development phase of any creative pursuit. Passion and fresh perspectives about where things are headed in one’s closest relationships will be the thought of the day. Either people will work on getting along better or Venus will serve them their walking papers so that a new chapter can be formed.

On October 16th, Mars heads into powerful Leo, sending a lot of amazing energy to working on one’s personal issues and building self-confidence. Health treatments may finally show favorable results and new opportunities for career advancement fill our universal mailboxes. Personal power and self purpose will be amplified during this period as both artists and people in the entertainment industry can really get the spotlight on their bodies of work and make an unforgettable impression on those that can pull influential strings to transform their career. New jobs and leadership opportunities will breathe new hope into plans for long term security and prosperity. So, launch those websites, network and market yourself. Now’s your time to shine!

Make a wish on the New Moon in Libra on October 17th! The new moon will bring soulful breakthroughs, allowing us to see the beautiful gifts in all of our relationships.

Ghosts, goblins, imps, fairies and witches delight our world as the sun moves into Scorpio on October 22nd. The veil between the worlds begins to thin as spiritual practices manifest powerful change when we try to increase our communication with the angelic and spiritual realm. Synchronicities and heavenly signs become more intense as dreams, messages from the beyond and past life connections cross our path for answers. This is a fortuitous time to work on those relationships with our friendly Spirit world to bolster change in our personal environment. Get ready for financial windfalls that come into your life karmically as well. Mercury enters karmic Scorpio on October 28th. Search for the hidden meaning behind events and listen to your intuitive guidance for clear instructions on how to proceed. If you need a little help deciphering those messages, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted psychic intuitive, astrologer or energy worker to make sense of the Universe’s coded breadcrumbs. Mercury will draw out the detective in all of us to dig deeper for insights into whatever may be troubling us. Just remember to think before you act, listen to both sides of the story and leave jealousy at the door. Reigning in those emotions will not be easy but you’ll be glad you did.

Who said you can’t get some divine intervention? Feel your guides have been MIA? Well, it’s time to show them some love! Honor your ancestors and spirit guides on October 31st by placing candles, food and drink in their altar space. Throw a party for them and ask them to help you. By showing gratitude and appreciation for their energy in your life, you may just start seeing small miracles happening all around you! Be prepared for repetition in numbers, feathers, coins, and other signs that they are answering your call. Carry a piece of Phantom Quartz to increase spirit activity around you or a Rainbow Quartz for channeling angels for dream messages. Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and be healthy!