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Yes, You Can Generate Income from Selling Your Crafts Online

Selling your crafts online is a great way to make money. With enough time and effort, you can turn your crafting hobby into a home based business that supports you and your family. Although you’ll have a lot to learn about selling your crafts online, getting started is both quick and easy.

First, you’ll need a website from which to sell your crafts. Online, there are lots of places that will host your website for free. The main drawback to this is that you have to use their domain name. If you want to be perceived as a professional, you’ll need to use your own domain name. Don’t worry. It’s not as expensive as you think. Domain names can be purchased for about $10. Web hosting can be secured for around $100 a year and the software you need to help you sell your crafts online and manage customers can be downloaded for free.

Next, you’ll need a way to collect payments from your customers. In the past, you had to go to a bank and apply for a merchant account in order to take online payments but not anymore. Today there are several companies, such as Paypal and Google Checkout, who will collect credit card and check payments for you. All you need to do is provide a bank account in which to deposit the money from selling your crafts online.

Finally, having a digital camera is a must have item if you want to successfully sell your crafts online because customers will want to see pictures of what they’re buying. Digital cameras can vary in price and options so shop around for one that best fits your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to visit pawn shops or Ebay for great deals on used cameras.

While you’ll want to do as much business from your website as you possibly can, there are other places where you can sell your crafts online. The first are auction sites like Ebay. With these sites you can either put your crafts up for bid on the auction block or set up an ecommerce store. Auction sites make their money by taking a percentage of your sales, so keep this in mind when pricing your crafts.

Another way to sell your crafts online is through a digital catalog like Etsy. Similar to auction sites, digital catalogs give you space on their sites to sell your crafts. They, too, will either take a percentage of your sales or charge you a monthly membership fee. However many of these sites will take care of collecting payments from customers and you benefit from the traffic they generate through their advertising efforts.

Now that you have a few places to sell your crafts online, it’s time to reel in customers. The most common way to get people to your online store is to advertise on other websites. The trick is in selecting sites that cater to your target customer. This means that in order to make the most of your advertising dollar, you need to be clear about who you are selling to and advertise on the websites they visit.

You can also get word out about your products by co-sponsoring a contest where a prize is one of your crafts. You’ll benefit from the exposure of being listed as a contest sponsor and when the contest is over, you can solicit a testimonial from the winner to display on your website.

Offering an incentive to people to recommend your crafts to others is another effective marketing strategy that will help you sell your crafts online. The incentive can be anything from free products to cold, hard cash for each referral that makes a purchase. If it sounds like a bribe, it is. But considering that both you and the customer benefit, I think we can look the other way just this once.

Lastly, you can use blogging to generate buzz around your products. Blogging is a type of online journaling that allows you to directly connect with customers, update them on new products and help you network with other crafter. Since you’ll already have a website selling your crafts online, adding a blog is as simple as uploading free blog software, such as WordPress, and writing your first post.

For more help, you can definitely go through FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula review if you want to get into the world of blogging as many people have taken it up as their career as they see a flourishing future in front of them as well as following their passion.

While building a successful business selling your crafts online does take work, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Overnight success is not guaranteed but with the information in this article and a little elbow grease, you can build an online crafting business that will bring you years of joy.