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WWTDB? (Where Would the Dude Bowl?)

Who doesn’t love a sport that you can have a few drinks and eat some nachos in the middle of? Bowling is the sport that’s fun for the whole family, great with friends, safe for kids, and rowdy enough for adults. Some great movies have been made about it (The Big lebowski, Kingpin) as well as some entertaining video games (Try it out on the Wii console, great fun.) It can be as casual as a kid’s birthday party, and as competitive as a professional sport, with every varied degree in between. I’ve done it all, from late night bowling hangouts with friends, to league play in high school, and entertaining tournaments on video game consoles with friends. As much fun as it is to play on a video game though, nothing beats the pleasure of going to the lanes and rolling your ball down the lane. Let me tell you where to have fun in Orlando.

World Bowling Center is the lanes i’ve had the most fun at. Having lived in the Dr. Phillips area for 15 years, it was the closest to me for a long time. I’ve bowled in other places, but nothing ever seemed to compare to these lanes for me. Located just off of Sand Lake rd. near International drive, it can become an easy travel for anyone to get to, with an I-4 exit located a block east of the previously mentioned intersection. As a kid, I would remember coming here for bowling, and finishing up at the ice rink right next door (It has changed names several times since.) Walking in, you’ll be treated to all the luxuries you could imagine. Arcade room, snack bar, and of course the lanes; 32 of the best polished wood lanes to throw your ball down. If you don’t have your own ball/shoes, they’ll have more than enough selection for you. A variety of weighted balls, from 6 to 16lbs; Shoes for even the largest feet. The snack bar carries a full line of sodas, beers, and a wide range of foods. I’ve always been a sucker for nachos, and will always recommend them, and the bar-b-que chicken nachos are no exception here. Also, the personal sized pizzas always satisfy. If you’ve got a group with you, upgrade from the pitcher and go for the tower size, it’s available for both the beers and the sodas, and it’s a much better value. Once you have all of your drinks and snacks gathered, time to start bowling. Anytime is a good time to bowl when you’re with friends, but if you have never tried the moonlight bowling, you must. Nearly any bowling alley has some form or variation of this, when they shut off all the white lights, turn on the black lights, and crank up the music. WBC has a live DJ join them, and they throw you a few games and a shoe rental for a flat rate.

Good location, with great options to have fun bowling whether you like the midnight bowling scene with the crazy lights and music, or just prefer the casual date night with your friends, World Bowling Center is your one stop place for a good night. So pick up your nachos, grab a few mugs, lace up your shoes and let’s roll!

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