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What’s So Special About Flash Drives?

In the office, it would be quite shocking to find someone who doesn’t own a flash drive. In our current generation, back when we were still studying at school. One question is that how come something so small could come at so much value? In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits and advantages a person gets from carrying around a little flash drive.

You Can Carry At Anywhere

Back when computers and the internet has yet to exist, people carry around luggage with their papers and documents. While this does not appear to be heavy, when you have to carry things around the entire day, it just impacts your mood little by little. 

These days, with the help of flash drives, people are able to take all their files wherever they are. Their flash drives can contain movies, music, resume, essays, a business report, or any savable file wherever they may be. If you they want to view their files, all they have to do is plug the flash drive into a laptop and the files will be all set for them to view and even edit. 


It is quite outstanding how something so small could carry lots of memory. Maybe you can carry a dozen of paper with your bare hands but using a USB flash drive, you will be able to store a year’s time of files. And all you have to do is place that little flash drive in your pocket or backpack. You could walk or drive all over town and you wouldn’t even that you have been carrying around thousands of files in a little packet of memory. 

Transfer Speed

There was a time when a flash drive can only transfer files at a relatively slow pace. But during that time, the flash drive was already considered to be a wonderful technology. 

The good thing is that due to the usability of flash drives, people were able to evolve technology a lot faster. It did not take long before people could already transfer bigger files in just minutes. 

Because of this, a lot of business people have become more mindful with regards to updating the flash drive technologies that they have on hand. 

Low Power

Do you know why some technologies require a lot of power? It is because these devices have a lot of movable parts and in order for these parts to move, a lot of power is needed. 

The best thing about a flash drive is that it doesn’t have any of that. You don’t need to do anything with it. No atom in the flash drive needs to be moved in any way. All you have to do is plug it into a computer and then it is going to work. Due to that, it requires little to no power. 

The flash drive does not receive enough compliments for this but it is actually what makes this device useful. 

It Has Many Purposes

A lot of people only use flash drives to store files but in all actuality, this is not the only thing a flash drive is good for. You can also use it if you want to install a brand-new game or operating system into your laptop or computer. 

In the past, you would need a blank CD for that but now all you need is a flash drive. It also helps you carry around the software that you need. Maybe you need a Photoshop software in the office but you don’t have the time to install it since the file size is just too big. In this case, you can simply place a portable Photoshop software on your flash drive and you can use this software wherever you go. 

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