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What To Eat On The Bodybuilding Diet you’re all revved up to gain muscle and weight…you open the fridge door after arriving home from the gym and you’re starving….and then can’t decide what you should eat on a bodybuilding die that will provide just the right nutrition you need! Does that sound like you?

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The guys from have all the answers to just that problem.. you can see from the video below thy must be doing something right.. man do they look fit!

Whats there secret? Here’s what they had to say on exactly what they eat from breakfast to end of day:

Mornings On the Bodybuilding Diet :

Mornings often start for one of the guys with oatmeal with i/2 cup mil and some water,the 1 egg yolk and around8 egg whites. The eggs made into a great tasting omelet that also includes some green peppers, diced ham, onions.

The other likes to start with scrambled eggs ( around three) He uses the eggs whole..does not worry about egg whites only. Also adds 3 bits of bacon and wraps the lot in a wholegrain tortilla

The bacon discuss the saturated fat in bacon, and suggest that its still healthy to eat up to 25grams of saturated fat per day.

Mid Morning Snack:

One of the guys loves nuts and a piece of fruit ( favourites are peanuts and cashews) while the other enjoys a simple peanut butter sandwich on wholewheat bread.

Another mid morning snack to get them through to the next major meal is cottage cheese.

Whats Their Bodybuilding Meal at Lunch?

The guys like lean protein with good slow digesting carbs. For example one of the guys on the previous day had pan fried fish in olive oil wrapped with cabbage, lemon juice and tomatoes wrapped in wholewheat tortilla.

One of the other strategies was to have pork chop, or chicken breast or any lean meat, combined with brown rice and one of the guys said his meals wee not that big.

A favorite lunch? Chicken, sweet potato and small serve of brown rice..Good protein and complex carb combo!

Whats on For Dinner?

The boys say its basically the same combinations at each mealtime and its not complicated, but it can get boring so you have to switch up the variety in the base food groups. For example, its not just chicken everyday as protein..they aat fish, meatloaf, grilled meats.

One of the guys favorites is also lean meat with frozen veggies that come prepacked with a cheese topping..They simply cook and place the veggie cheese combo over the lean meat.

Right Before Bed on The Body Building Diet Plan?

Options for before bed at night include cottage cheese or fruit and low fat yoghurt,with the emphasis on nothing being to heavy or starchy.

Another option is another peanut butter sandwich on wholewheat bread.

Don’t Eat The Same Thing Over and Over!