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What Is The Best Vaporizer For Medical Cannabis

With so many choices out there and so many new products hitting the shelf all the time, it can leave a lot of people wondering what the best vaporizer for their medical cannabis is. Today, there are hundred of tools available to consume the weed. Among all vaporizers are the most purchased ones. best dry herb vaporizer can be determined by considering the reviews of the users online over the vaporizer websites. What gives the best hit or the cleanest vapor? And what will hold up over time and not need replacement?

But it all depends on your preference. Some people like to have a vaporizer they can take with them, while others want something they can share with friends. So we’ve decided to take a look at the best of the three big categories- desktop, portable and vapor pen vaporizers.

We will look at the biggest hitter from each category so that no matter how you prefer to vape, you can do it with a quality device.

Desktop Vaporizer

A good desktop vaporizer gives you some options and allows more than one person to partake at a time. These are usually more heavy duty than their portable counterparts, and as such, they tend to cost a bit more.

The clear winner for us is the Volcano from German company Storz and Bickel. We believe it gives the best vapor, is of the highest quality, and offers the best value. How much value does it provide? It retails for a respectable $500+ (or $600+ if you buy the digital version). And by most accounts, it can last for years without any problems, even when it is being used almost daily.

To use the Volcano, you just pack your herbs at the bottom of the filling chamber and turn on the device. It takes a few minutes to become fully heated, which is a minor inconvenience. But once the vapor gets going, it offers a great hit.

It uses a balloon method, and you can use either the Solid Valve or the Easy Valve. The Solid Valve allows you to create custom-sized balloons. So you can really vary your vapor hit. It takes a little getting used to, but once you have the hang of it, it can be great to get your vapor the way you want it. The Easy Valve does a lot of the work for you and releases a preset volume of vapor into each balloon.

What really sets the Volcano apart is its overall quality. That’s really what we were looking for when determining the best of each category. The Volcano is by no means portable, since it weighs about 4 pounds. But it is a high quality device that can take a beating and still work fine. The hit it gives you is nearly perfect, and once you are past the initial cost of the device, you only have to pay for your balloon replacements ($20-$50 a year) and your medical cannabis.

Portable Vaporizer

One of the key factors for a portable vaporizer is the vapor hit that it offers. A lot of what is out there seems to provide a less than satisfactory hit simply because it is a portable unit. It’s like they want you to do your real vaping at home.

But the Arizer Solo makes no concessions when it comes to vapor quality. We attribute that to the glass tubing and the fact that there is very little distance between where the vapor is produced and where you inhale it. The hit is clean, clear and second to none for portable vaporizers.

The other thing to consider with portable vaporizers is how discreet they are. If you are going to be taking it with you everywhere, you don’t always want to advertise what you have. The Arizer Solo is a fairly incognito device. You can detach the glass tube and be left with basically a cylinder with some buttons. And it is small enough to fit inside your pocket or handbag.

The price is right for this one too- at just over $220 you are getting a well-made product with superb vapor clarity. The only drawback really is that the thick tubes make for some difficult draws. It can take 10 or so seconds to get a good draw from it, but when you do, it is better than most of the other offerings out there.

The included stems also work with many water pieces. This is great for people who are bothered by the little bits and pieces of their cannabis that can come through the vapor. The water piece filters that out and provides a particle-free vapor you are going to love.

You won’t find a better value for portable vaporizers anywhere. You might find something cheaper, but it won’t offer the same hit and won’t last as long or work as well.

Pen Vaporizer

For pen vaporizers, the key to success is power and portability. Too many of the vaporizers pens that are out there just aren’t powerful enough to build up a decent heat and provide a nice vapor. The G Pen from Grenko Science, however, does not have that problem.

It is probably the most powerful vaporizer pen we have seen, and it is great for vaping oils, concentrates and butter. If you want to use your medical cannabis with it, then you will have to buy the separate herb attachment. Note that when you do, you will have to use the pen as a pipe, rather than a vaping device.

If that is not a big deal for you, then you will love the hit you get from it. It doesn’t take a lot of herb to fill up the storage chamber, but it still offers plenty of hits. It provides a concentrated vapor that is very strong and clear and far superior to anything else we have tried.

The price for this baby is $100, which is really perfect for a pen. You couldn’t ask for a better heating element, as it heats the ingredients up quickly. And if you want to spring for the slightly more expensive Snoop Dogg version, then go for it. It’s still the same pen, and it’s still a great value.

The G Pen actually comes in a lot of different styles, so if you care about how your vaporizer looks and you want something that feels customized to you, then you will find it with the G Pen. But they all hold the same internal pieces. You still get a mouthpiece, a battery and a heating element.

You can replace all the parts for the pen if you need to, but we found that it holds up well, even to constant use. And we haven’t had to replace anything on ours since we got them.

The Best of the Best

So there you have it- our picks for the finest vaporizers in each of the big three categories. You might find ones that are cheaper or come with more options, but overall nothing else provides as consistently high quality hits for the money you pay.

We would recommend these for people just starting out as well. None of them have unreasonable price tags, as they will all last you for years. So putting down the asking price for these vaporizers is a good investment. Besides, if you settle for something less than the very best when you first start with your medical cannabis, you just aren’t going to enjoy it like you should.