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What Is A Sauna Therapy?

The sauna uk therapy are been used from hundreds of years and it is still trending and popular. These therapies are used to help the people to relax their mind and body internally. It also have other health benefits such as it helps in curing cancer, weight loose issues and relax the cardiovascular health. This sauna therapy brings out sweat from your body and release toxins from your body.

A sauna therapy is performed in a room which is heated between 70 ° to 100° Celsius 150° to 210° Fahrenheit. The main aim of sauna is to relax your soul. You can read a book or do any other work which will ease your mind and body such as to listen up on music. It provides relaxation to your cardiovascular health and makes you active.

You should not inhale any toxic substance or drink alcohol before or during a sauna therapy because it will be dangerous for you. If you are pregnant or have cardiovascular issue then do consult with the doctor before having a sauna therapy.

Types of sauna therapy: there is several type of sauna uk therapy such as given below.

  • Wood burning: The wood-burning sauna therapies are performed under low humidity and usually it is high in temperature. The wood used in wood therapy is to heat the sauna rocks and sauna rooms.
  • Electrically heated: the electrically heated saunas are way homogenous with wood-burning sauna. These electrically saunas are also performed under low humidity and high temperature. In this type of sauna, the electrical heater is attached with the floor and heats up the sauna room.
  • Steam room: the steam room sauna is different from other saunas because it entails high humidity and slightly wet heat.
  • Infrared room: far-infrared sauna or near-infrared sauna are dissimilar from electrically-heated sauna’s and wood-burning sauna. In this type of sauna special lamps are used to heat the person’s body. These lamps use light waves. Here, temperature is kept low (60° Celsius) but the person sweats similarly.

Tradition Sauna Therapy Vs Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

The difference in traditional sauna and far-infrared sauna lies between temperature of sauna therapy, methods of heating, time limit of heating, amount of energy which is used according to the size of sauna room and social experience.

In the tradition sauna uses dry heat, with comparative humidity. The temperature in tradition sauna rises between 150 to 185° Fahrenheit where as in far-infrared sauna therapy it occurs between 120° and 140° Fahrenheit.

In traditional sauna therapy, access time can prevent heat which is related to dehydration and exhaustion where as the infrared sauna therapy heats the skin, tissues and muscles without warming the air near you.

Infrared sauna therapies are considered far better than traditional sauna therapy because it deeply penetrate the body. It uses less heat and stimulates better blood flow. Also the person sweats more in infrared sauna therapy as compare with other steam rooms or other therapies.