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What Causes Diarrhea In Dogs

There are very many things that can cause diarrhea in your dog but it is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog away from the causes. The most common way for a dog to get diarrhea is through ingestion. It could come from his dietary needs not being met; he ate something from the garbage, or got into something that caused bacteria to inhibit in his stomach. You must understand it is not your dog’s fault; they are scavengers naturally and instinctively get into things.

Now dogs have a sensitive stomach due to which they cannot gobble down anything that comes under their nose which is sadly the root cause of diarrhea that needs to be looked into so they should follow a healthy diet plan that veterinary doctors recommend for them to have and pets cbd pain anxiety to curb their anxiety issues that induces due to an upset stomach. 

Other causes can be infections, allergic reactions, or even organ diseases. Older dogs have issues with their kidneys or their liver which can cause diarrhea. Stress is also a large cause of diarrhea in dogs and is hard to understand. Most dogs have a very simple life: sit at home and wait for you to come home and play with them and feed them. Their daily activities and environment don’t change that often. So if you are making changes to your home, or moving, this could stress your dog out. Meeting new people or pets, or even losing them can cause a dog to stress out. It is important to help your dog adjust to change by making sure to spend time with them.

What are Symptoms and Effects of Diarrhea?

Some of the more common symptoms are loose/liquid stools and bowel eliminations. Flatulence is common in dogs with diarrhea, also blood or feces with mucus in them are symptoms. Diarrhea can cause stunting to the growth of a puppy and can affect the general wellness of an adult dog. It can affect their appetite and energy levels and cause them to want to lay down and rest all day; rather than run around and play.

There are many ways to treat your dog’s diarrhea but first it is important to know what causes diarrhea in dogs. If your dog’s dietary needs aren’t being met, change their food immediately. It is important that you know the difference of feeding your dog people food and preparing your own dog food. If your dog is constantly stressed out, find the cause and fix it.

Common home remedies can be very effective and will come highly recommended with dog lovers. A very common method is to fast your dog for 12-24 hours. This will clear out their entire system and all of the things they have eaten recently. However this method isn’t a cure for all causes of diarrhea. If your dog has kidney or a liver disease, it will not work to cure their diarrhea. If the cause is their diet or they are allergic to something in the house, it won’t work.

The method I recommend most is adding carrot supplements to their meals. Carrots contain many natural vitamins that are very healthy for your pet. However feeding raw carrots will not give you the same effect as a carrot supplement. Naturally, dogs cannot digest carotene which is in the carrots. The best way to feed them the carrots is through dehydrated carrot supplements. These are prepared by rehydrating the carrots and adding oil before mixing it into your dog’s food. So instead of getting a crunchy raw carrot, they are getting a pudding like substance with all the benefits of the carrot mixed into their food. Adding the moist carrot supplement will also help your dog’s digestive process if they are typically fed dry food. Adding the moisture helps your pet digest faster and more smoothly.

The carrot supplement is a great way to treat diarrhea, but are also a good supplement to add into your dog’s food at every feeding. There are many other benefits to the skin/coat, immune system, their organs, digestive systems. It can also help to prevent worms which are a leading killer of dogs.