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What Are The Various Traits Of Sims 4:How To Change Traits?

Sims has been people’s favorite from the day it was launched and, it still is. Everyone loves playing a game to create their characters and develop them as the game moves forward. Sims 4 is a successor of the previous Sims games. Create and develop characters that resemble real-life friends and families. Give them traits, control them, and see the game change with every move one’s Sim makes. There many also many updates on Sims 4 How To Change Traits.  And one of the upgrades is regarding the traits that are given to characters. The new traits are more effective in shaping characters living in the game. Some of the traits are as follows:

Personality traits

Personality traits determine how the Sim will behave and react. Their emotions also depend on these traits. Different phases of life have a limited number of traits. Teen phase Sims can have 2 traits, adult Sims has 3 traits and the toddler and children have 1 trait each.  The players can select the traits from a very detailed list.

There is an emotional trait that determines the mood and emotions of the Sim. They can be goofy, creative, cheerful, hot-headed, genius, romantic, etc. Also, they can have lifestyle traits under personality traits that will shape their living style. They can be childish, cat lovers, ambitious, erratic, dance machines, and children of the ocean, to name a few.

Hobby traits and social traits are also part of personality traits. These traits determine their social life. And when in the toddler phase, there are separate toddler traits under personality traits that can be chosen.

Learning traits

When the Sims interact and socialize with other Sims through conversations, the Sims’ traits can be revealed. Also, if Sims has traits like being observant, they can immediately grasp any other sim’s traits. They grasp and learn the traits, and it becomes one of their traits.

Reward traits

Reward traits are like rewards that the sims can achieve if they can fulfill their aspirations. There is no limit regarding the number of reward traits which the sims can acquire. The more aspirations they complete, the more reward traits they can achieve. For example, if aspiration is being athletic, then on fulfilling this, the Sim gets long life and survival instinct as a reward trait. Similarly, if aspiration is related to popularity, the reward can be traits like a natural leader, perfect host, unstoppable fame, etc.

So as Sim keeps completing aspiration, they keep getting new traits as rewards.

Bonus traits

The bonus traits help in fulfilling their aspirations. So when the sims selected their aspirations, they receive bonus traits that match the aspiration and help complete the trait. Another thing about this trait is that even in the later stage of the game, the previous aspirations’ bonus trait stays with the sims if the aspiration is changed.  For example, for athletes, the bonus trait will be high metabolism for popularity. The bonus trait is gregarious.

With all these new traits, the sims can be given more character. And as the game moves forward, the sims will be able to get new traits and, the whole development in the gameplay will be more interesting and fun.