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What are The Problems with Social Networking sites?

I personally spend only enough time in social networking sites to discover who is having a birthday on any particular day, and to look at cute pictures of kittens and puppies, which I share to my heart’s content. I don’t spend forever in there playing games or flirting –I’m married after all– but I have seen enough to know that some people spend all day in those sites, playing games, posting 900 non-important status updates each day and a thousand other things that occupy their time.

What happens when there is nothing even semi-important to post an update about? What about when the games get boring and old? What do these people do when they get tired of cute pictures of animals? When the social stuff is no longer fun, what do they do then? Do they even have lives to get on with when it’s all said and done? That’s what I find wrong with too much internet time, the lack of a personal life that is private and entirely yours, without sharing and flirting and games to play.

I find a lot of problems with social networking. Privacy issues, for one thing. People post pictures of their new-born babies, including names and every detail of the little one. I find this dangerous in a lot of ways, including the potential for kidnapping, pedophilia and stalking. For me at least, these would be serious reasons for not posting pictures of my off-spring in social networking sites. Unless I knew for certain that only my closest family and friends could see those pictures, I would continue to be cautious. Since nothing on the internet is ever that certain, I believe we internet users must be aware of the potential dangers of posting too much.

You never can tell when you have posted too much information about yourself. What you consider just ordinary, every day happenstance, someone else might use against you at some point, or even compile on their own personal computers in some sort of weird stalking pattern. I always think twice whenever I think about posting a new picture online. Some pictures are best left to your private collection or emailed to family and friends only. I believe that when I post something online I should assume that someone, somewhere has a copy of it and it could be reposted elsewhere, probably without my knowledge. This is why care should be taken. The buy better social online site will restrict the same content to be posted at other sites. The followers on the Instagram will be real for potential customers. 

These are what I consider the problems with social networking: Lack of privacy, potential for stalking or violence, potential for pedophilia behaviors and things that I’ve said in status updates being used against me in the future. I believe that the internet is not always safe and it’s regularly patrolled by people who are dangerous, like trolls, spammers and scammers. Plus, that doesn’t even cover the people who have nothing better to do than to hack into your personal accounts and wreak havoc. All I am saying is that I believe that care should be taken at all times to make the internet enjoyable and fun all the way around.