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Using Outsourcer Work Solicitors Multi Site Offices

If you haven’t tried outsourcing before, you may wonder exactly what it entails. Using poorly-paid workers in a third world country? Losing control over your work and your clients? Never quite knowing what’s going on?

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None of the above. It simply means hiring a person or a company who isn’t a direct employee, but who is a contractor, freelancer or organisation. Using today’s technology, it’s easy to outsource some of your work to people who aren’t based in your offices.

For example, if you outsourced the job of cleaning up your contact list or database, you’d get a UK-based team or individual, trained and experienced to do the necessary tasks. Instead of paying out for office space, utilities, benefits and insurance for this person, you’d just be paying for their time. That’s a lot of expense that you’ve downsized right there.

So why would you ever think of outsourcing some of your operation?

There are many reasons why you might want to outsource some of your tasks. It might be that your firm has grown rapidly and you haven’t hired everybody that you need to support you yet. It might be that you’ve just run an advertising campaign and you have a lot of people calling into your offices with their contact details.

If your firm is in a stage of rapid growth, outsourcing some of your work can make it possible for you to stay aligned with that growth.

Outsourcing business operations

Which services can you expect from outsourcing companies? And where can you find one that is worth its salt?

Outsourcing services include:

  • answering phone calls
  • handling responses to advertising campaigns
  • overflow handling
  • database list cleansing
  • orders and fulfilment
  • holiday / short term cove
  • outbound calling to clients and prospects
  • training
  • recruitment campaigns

Outsourcing business services through a firm like Star Virtual Office can mean not having to hire additional staff, or supporting your existing team in their administrative, telephone and reception duties.

Benefits of outsourcing your work

If you’re still undecided about whether you should outsource, then here are some benefits to think about:

Outsourcing gives you flexibility and scalability. Call volumes rise and fall, so an in-house resource is at the mercy of periods of low volumes, when they might be twiddling their thumbs. An outsourced contact centre benefits from multiple clients, which helps reduce the severity of call volume peaks and valleys – which would no longer be your problem anyway.

Outsourcing staff don’t get involved in your company politics. A virtual worker will be helping you with running your business, not gossiping about who said what to whom. With an outsourced worker/company, it’s all about providing you with an excellent service: always at the back of their minds is the reality that you can find a replacement. Not so easy to get rid of your own people.

Outsourcing staff means less overhead. It’s incredibly expensive to hire employees what with overheads of utilities, office space, salaries, pensions, employer’s NI, and benefits. They also need office equipment, holidays, bonuses and treats. When you hire outsourcing staff, they get paid for the hours they work (or the calls they take) and that’s all.