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Tired of Telemarketers Hassling You? Do Something About It.

With the advent of the do-not-call list, telemarketing calls have taken a dive for me. For the most part, telemarketing outfits honor this list and because I rarely sign up for or purchase anything that would lead to a call, I don’t get many calls. There are those that call that is exempt from the list, such as charities, politicians and survey companies, but because I cut off those calls too, I think I have dropped off the priority list for those outfits too.

Keep in mind that if you purchase something or make an inquiry from a company, that gives them the legal right to contact you by phone for a period of time – and that includes telemarketing. You can ask for them to no longer make contact though and they have to stop within a period of time. I am definitely not a lawyer nor do I have all that much legal knowledge, but like most people, I try to stay up to date on my rights on things that matter to me.

So, if you are on the “sucker” list, by your own doing or by mistake, you do have steps you can take to get those calls to go away. First off, register for the national do-not-call list at This is really the best first step you can take. I did it right at the get-go and saw results within a couple of months. Companies do have a grace period to allow time for you to get on the list and into their systems. When I moved and got a new number, the calls flooded in. This reminded me I needed to register again. Within a few months most of the calls were gone, and the few that trickled in I curtly reminded them I was on the list and of their tenuous legal position because of that, and the rest of them vanished.

With all that, some calls do still happen. What prompted me to write about this today is some recent coverage of a guy that has decided to fight back…and has profited from it. Now he is sharing his methods for taking offending telemarketing companies to court and winning. Though I don’t have any interest in trying to make a profit from doing this, I think it is everyone’s right and responsibility to take these companies that ignore the law to task and make them responsible for their actions. This is really the only way to clean things up. Law abiding companies should be able to do their business, but those breaking the law make it hard for legitimate companies to stay in business. We don’t need more regulation, we need our current laws enforced.
If you have a problem with this happening to you, I suggest you check our and see the worthwhile information being shared. Kudos to this guy to help rid the world of something that definitely has to go! Now if he could give us the easy solution for spam….