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Tips to Take Care of the Foot – Foot Hygiene

Foot hygiene is the major aspect in prevention of infection through feet. All of us especially people suffering from diabetics, filaria and many other diseases should take utmost care of their feet. Wherever possible, you must make use of mindinsole foot inserts to give relief to your tired feet and keep them away from soreness. 

Washing the feet- Foot Hygiene

A patient suffering from Filarial disease, first and fore most care is to take care of their feet, wash them with Betadine lotion or Betadine surgical sprit or from Dettol in Luke warm water after coming from outside. They should wash in mild soap; rub well between the web spaces of the feet. Care to be taken not to rupture or injure the leg while washing. After thorough washing of the feet and legs, gently dry with big, neat and clean towel and dry the web spaces between of the feet.

For drying the legs and the web spaces you can also use hair drier and apply anti bacterial powder in the web spaces as well as on the leg.

This will prevent infection and thus checking secondary infection in the legs.

Use of foot ware – Foot Hygiene

Always use loose, soft, neat and clean chappals while you are at home, and dry, clean full covered foot ware to be worn while you are traveling to avoid injuries on the leg and on the foot. Never wear tight fitted foot ware and keep your foot ware dry and clean. Put antifungal powder in the shoes after reaching home. Keep the foot ware dry under the fan or sun. Keep couple of shoes to avoid wearing wet, unclean foot ware.

Check foot – Foot Hygiene

Every day without fail check the foot, underneath with a mirror or take the help from your family member to see any injury, cut, blister or any other from of injury under the foot.

Promptly use antiseptic cream on the injury to prevent any infection.

Use Vaseline – Foot Hygiene

Before sleeping or going to you bed use Vaseline sufficiently on toes, heels, under the foot and the web spaces, to keep it always free from any cuts and thus preventing infection.

Keep the toe nails cut – Foot Hygiene

To keep the foot hygiene always check on weekly basis and cut the nails of the toes and keeps it neat and clean. Cut the toe nails straight, never curve it thus preventing in growth of the nail. Use a good toe nail clipper for better hold of the nails.

Use of cotton socks – Foot Hygiene

To keep foot hygiene use always dry, neat and clean cotton socks, and change it twice a day to keep it dry and clean. Wash the socks with dettol and warm water and dry it in the shade, thus preventing loosening of socks.

Treatment of thickening of skin and nails – Foot Hygiene

Never allow thickening of skin, corns and nails, consult a doctor and never use shaving blades for cutting the thickening of skin or nails.

Therefore it is advisable to keep your feet healthy, dry and clean to prevent any secondary infection.