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The When, Where and How to Bathe Your Dog

A dog loves to be by its owner at all times. He knows what to expect next, which means he is perfectly aware of when meals are being prepared, or when someone is due at home, for he will be there at the window waiting. Also when its time for you to relax, he too is doing the same.

However, the scenario undergoes a drastic change when its time to give your dog a bath, for then he will be nowhere to be found. He knows exactly what’s going to happen and he simply doesn’t like it. Same is the case for most dogs, as they don’t enjoy taking a bath. Presented here are a few tips that can make the dog feel a lot more comfortable taking a bath.


For this, you will have to rely on your common sense. For if he has muck or mud all over him or smells awful, then this is the time for a bath. On an average, a minimum of 3 or 4 bath a year will be enough for an apartment dwelling dog that spends most of the time indoors. Obviously, more baths will be needed for outdoor or active working dogs, if you wish to keep him clean and healthy.

Regular brushing is one activity that you should actively indulge in with your dog as it helps in eliminating dead hair and distribute natural oils. And since it helps in removing dirt, this will reduce the number of baths necessary for your dog. Your dog too will prefer brushing over a bath at any given time. And why not, since these are special moments where there’s only you and your pet and your pet will enjoy every bit of it. However, it’s important to have a brush that suits the size of your dog and his fur type.


Refrain from bathing your dog outdoors in the cold during winter months. Stick to the right dog shampoo and use warm water for bathing your dog, which can be in an utility tub, a small basin or even your bath tub, depending on the size of your dog.

Do not allow your dog to venture outside during cold and freezing conditions until he is completely dry right up to the undercoat, if he has one. And during warm summer months, you can bath your dog outdoors. Your dog will love it too, they will run and shake and can dry themselves under the sun. A nice sun bath for them as well.


Before you get into the act, make sure your dog’s coat is free of all mats and knots. For these aren’t easy to remove once they are wet. Also, there should be an environment of peace prevailing during bath time. So it’s not the perfect time to bath your dog when the kids are fighting and crying, or you are stressed and is short of time. Remember dogs don’t enjoy bathing in the first place and won’t like it further in a chaotic situation. The right approach will be to remain calm and gentle on the dog.

When you are using the tub, ensure there’s a non-slip mat in place, as it will make the dog feel secure.

You can also use a showerhead with a long hose for bathing your dog, as it allows your dog to stand upright. That way, it will be comfortable for you as well. And if you don’t have this, you can make use of a plastic pitcher to wet and rinse with. Start off with the face by washing it with a wet cloth without using soap. You can also put cotton balls in the ear for added protection, but you should remember to pluck them out when you’re done.

Keep a towel or two ready so that you can cover your dog before he begins to shake. Try to absorb as much of water as you can by rubbing down with a clean and dry towel. You can also use a hair drier for this purpose, in which case make sure you use the warm setting and not hot. Also, keep the drier moving at all times, or else it can lead to the formation of hot spots on your dog’s skin. In fact, some dogs actually enjoy being dried by a hair drier than by means of towels.

Starting off with a bath time routine right from the stage when your dog was just a puppy helps in inculcating this habit in your dog, so that when he grows up, he would be comfortable and co-operating during bath time. Also, dogs do feel what the owner may have in their mind. So bath your dog when you are relaxed and calm, or else you will end up making the dog feel nervous.

And at the end of it all, try to have a lowdown of your dog’s behavior, as it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. That way, you will be able to provide the best care to your dog, whether it amounts to nutrition, medical aids or your adorations for him. It is also important to train him or her so his or her physical abilities will be enhanced.You can use dog training device like barx buddy to easily and effectively train your dog.