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The Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Why waste money and time on custom t-shirts in the first place? Couldn’t you use the time for anything else? Yeah, you could, but here are five reasons why you should make custom t-shirts for your business that will illustrate their value for money and how you will earn back ten times your investment.

Why do automobile manufacturers place their logos on the front and back of their vehicles? It’s absolutely free ads that reaches hundreds of people every day. And most of those people are potential customers. Leaving the logo off would mean losing all of the publicity. You’re also missing out if your business doesn’t do some sort of custom products. When someone wearing your t-shirt goes shopping, runs, or attends a convention, they are promoting your business. For no cost. We did some math and determined that the average shirt is seen 2555 times.

Without the support of a squad, nothing truly great has ever been achieved. Without their coach, sponsors, or families, even solo athletes are nothing. And it’s been shown that the most cohesive teams are the ones that perform the best. How do you increase group cohesion? One approach is to wear a uniform. Uniforms have been shown in research to improve employee self-confidence and reputation, as well as increase work satisfaction.

Remember that this isn’t just an internal issue; your clients or supporters may also be part of your team. Build a sense of belonging by varying your staff designs for your customers while keeping the same general design or color scheme. Brand equity is difficult to achieve, but once you have it, don’t let it go. Custom t-shirts are a great way to hold your name in front of your best customers all of the time. You have a chance to get your brand into their home, so take advantage of it. Twitch produced a limited number of hoodies, which were previously only available to VIPs. As a result, 2000 sales were made to 2000 happy brand ambassadors, resulting in benefit and loyalty. Moreover, people enjoy winning prizes. You can keep them on the hook by giving them a free t-shirt in exchange for doing anything for you.

Last but not least, you can make money by selling your screen print shirts. This may be done in person or online. If you’re hosting an event, create an exclusive t-shirt that’s only available to guests and promote it up front. There are plenty of online shopping carts that will take care of it for you if you’re selling online. You will really start to benefit from economies of scale and produce some significant sales until you start ordering t-shirts in large quantities. Consider your target audience before going to print. What will they be dressed in? What about color and fit? Involve them in the process by telling them what they already wear in advance. Don’t forget to do your calculations so you know how much profit per shirt you’ll make.