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Tej Kohli- The Man That Is Behind Foundation Working To Eliminate Corneal Blindness!

There are many non-profit organizations in the country, and they are all working for different things to make it a better world for those who need help. With these different organizations’ help, people get what they need, and that is how humanity is still alive. Different people have different needs, which is why many people have various types of foundations about the need they are connected with.

What is Tej Kohli Foundation?

Tej Kohli Foundation is a foundation that works for people who have any kind of problem in their body. It is an NPO, and they are committed to helping to rebuild people and other communities worldwide. They are doing it to develop solutions that are scientific and technological to get rid of intractable human problems. They try and help every community, and with this, everyone can get help about the issue they have and the problems they are suffering from.

People who are blind and are also poor can get help from this foundation, and they will surely get all the help they need. Eliminating corneal blindness is one thing, but they not only help people with that, but they also help deal in different sectors too. With the Tej Kohli Foundation’s help, many disabled teenagers got to have bionic arms, and they also provide sustainable food resources to families that can’t get it on their own. They are still here and will continue to give funds to scientific researches and innovations!

What is corneal blindness?

This disease is visual impairment, and that occurs when there is cloudiness in the cornea. It can be scarred; it can be due to any kind of infection in the eye. It can affect the transparency of the cornea, which makes the person blind. So, in short, when the cornea of the eye gets affected due to something, it can look clouded, and the person can go blind. The blindness can be permanent, and because of that, the person cannot get help as the treatment is expensive too. Let’s go over the causes of the disease that are the most common ones,

  • The deficiency of vitamin A
  • The effects that come after the infections from viral, fungal, and bacterial.
  • Congenital disease
  • Trauma of eye
  • Due to other home remedies that are not safe for the eye.

These are some of the reasons that can cause the disease of corneal blindness in the person. This can happen to anyone, and if the person is poor, they cannot get the right treatment that is crucial for them. That is when the Tej Kohli Foundation comes to light as they can help the poor people get rid of the situation. With their help, the person will be able to see again, and they can eliminate the fear of not being able to see the world again.

What is the objective of such an organization?

These organizations surely get some motivation from others to be able to work for the poor. Many things can be the reason for the motivation, and that is important too. With the help of these things, everyone will be able to get the service they need without any hassle.

To give a new light to life.

When people cannot see what is going on in front of their eyes, they tend to feel so sad and left out. Because once someone is used to see things and then after that, they feel missing out, it is tragic, and no one wants to feel that way. So with the help of such services and non-profit organizations, these people can get a new ray of hope or light in their light so that they won’t feel so blue and bad.

To encourage more people to donate eyes.

There is this issue in India because not everyone donates their eyes at the time they decease. A lot of people have to live with the condition, and they don’t get help when they need it. But if there are foundations like Tej Kohli Foundation, people will get the encouragement to donate the eyes and save the lives of people who cannot get help when they need it.

To create awareness among people

It is not about the problem. Mostly it is about the lack of awareness that is the biggest problem. When something like this happens, many people don’t get the info that people can help them. So due to that, they don’t know what to do. When people would know that the foundations and organizations are there to give them the services they need, they can contact them and get the service they need when they see fit.

To give the best and the quality treatment to people

It is about the treatment that has quality and free of any cost. There will be no fear among people to ask for what they need and the issues they are suffering from. It is all with the help of people who believe in giving what can make the world a better place for everyone. So it is all with the help of the Tej Kohli foundation that everyone can get the type of service they need.

The last say

We all know that this foundation is not just for the ones that are suffering from corneal blindness. It is about any disability that is causing young people to do what they want to do.