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Surveys: The Long and the Short of It

I have been doing surveys and small online tasks for a few years now. However, my biggest success has always been eBay. I am extremely comfortable moving around different mediums online and quickly grasping the concept to earn money online. But surveys are a completely different technique altogether. While you do earn money online from doing surveys the drawback is that if you do not invest time into gaining other like-minded people online, who are trying to earn extra money online then you will not be able to earn as much as some who make a living online. But you will supplement your income regardless. If you work on getting people to join also you will earn a fraction or a bonus for finding them.

This is not to discourage anyone from thinking that you cannot make a noticeable difference in their income online but you have to put effort into it. The money does not just swim to your hand. I have been able to buy college textbooks, pay rent, bills, car notes, a cup of coffee, a tank of gas, etc…all with the money I’ve earned online. Some periods are better than others are and in the beginning it can be frustrating but sticking, it out in the end financially benefits you. Every cent you earn is a return on your invest. Your first investment was your computer; even if you did not buy it with the intention of trying to earn a living online, it is now your biggest asset. Make you first goal to recoup the full amount you paid for your computer. Then deduct every cent you earn from the total until you hit zero. Then you will be able to see you hard work turn into. The content of Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 should be read through the person while registering for the online classes. It should meet with the specifications and changes in the fashion industry. The information provided in the course should be correct and beneficial for the person to increase the revenue. 


Post any questions below and you experiences with any of these companies if you’ve used them and how it worked or didn’t work for you. Some pay money some give currency that you can redeem for things. Pick your poison, or go ahead and be a daredevil and do it all.

Inbox Dollars

Okay simply put it works for me because its easy. I click on the email in my inbox and click on the advertisement for some small change. Alternatively, I take them up on some of their offer for larger rewards from $2.50 to as high as $15.00 dollars that I’ve seen so far. Try a free trial of Netflix or Blockbuster home movie rentals. Alternatively, if you are looking for a new credit card don’t go apply for one until you see their offers from Citibank, American Express, etc. Get a return from getting that card that you wouldn’t have gotten anyway. Try to use it for things that you would already. If you buy from iTunes then do it through Inbox Dollars’. If you are a coupon clipper and already then use Inbox Dollars for their coupons. When your coupon is redeemed (scanned) you earn ten cents for using that coupon from the manufacturer. Just remember don’t go applying for every offer and get over your head from obligations you were not going to use anyway.


Vindale Research is a survey site that is similar to the previously mentioned site. There are survey and offers to try Netflix, get a new credit card, etc. So I would suggest comparing which site is paying the most since you would see some of the same offers on Inbox Dollars as well. There are not coupons or any emails to read like the former so if you are looking for straight surveys and nothing else. Well this is the site you want to use.


There is no money to be paid in huge unlimited amounts like the two previous sites but on this site you get Swagbucks for exchanging into whatever you wan. An Apple gift cars, Amazon cards, Paypal deposits, video games and many more expensive products. Oh, yes you can get enough Swagbuks for a couple of Apple gift cards and get and iPad, Mac book, anything that is in the Apple store. So this site is extremely lucrative too, if you were going to buy it anyway and can’t afford it or if you want to sell it after you receive it. Therefore, it is a great site also! Get out there and get your feet wet now. The only way to earn is to try.