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Sewing Machine Review: Singer 9940 Quantum

The Singer Manufacturing Company has once again produced its latest innovation of electronic and computerized sewing machines, namely, the Singer 9940 Quantum. Singer is known for manufacturing only the best and finest, superior quality sewing machines. The Singer 9940 model opens an entirely new creative possibility for its users. It is very easy to use and fully loaded with several useful and elegant features including an LCD display that has a direct computer interface. This feature enables the machine to give visual and audible warning messages when an error in the operation occurs. Stitch details are shown through the LCD display and the user can read instructions on what foot presses to use in every stitch pattern. Beginners are now capable of producing finished projects that look as if they have been done by a professional sewer.

The Singer 9940 is a versatile sewing machine equipped with an automatic needle threader and thread cutter. This helps maximize time spent in doing a certain project. The user minimizes eye strain during threading since the mechanized needle threader automatically inserts the thread into the needle’s eye. The threads are also automatically cut after stitching so you won’t need your scissors while working on a craft. Needle positions can be changed to suit each individual project’s need such as inserting zippers, cording and top stitching. The Singer 9940 has an available 24 needle positions to suit its user’s needs. It also has twin-needle systems which is perfect for doing two-color sewing.

The Singer 9940 uses a special kind of plastic bobbin called the Class 15J Bobbin which is commonly used in Futura, Quantum Futura and 7400 sewing machine series. This bobbin is quite smaller than the standard ones being used but the great thing about it is that the Class 15J Bobbin does not easily cause tension problems therefore limits damage to the bobbin case. The reviews and ratings of the sewing machine buffs are available at link. The reading of the rankings will help the person to get less damaged machine with enormous benefits. The decision of the person should be right after knowing about the ratings. 

With the Singer 9940 you can expand your creativity through the use of its available 525 decorative stitch patterns. These can be reversed, mirrored, combined and saved to create embellished patterns in your personalized creations. Three different alphabet and number styles are available in both the upper and lower cases with a couple of punctuation marks. The machine can store up to 60 spaces of names and even short phrases which the user can sew for certain personalized projects. The Singer 9940 also has 12 different one-step buttonholing systems that you can choose from plus the keyhole and round top buttoning feature, though, you may encounter problems with doing buttonholes on multi-layered fabric.

In all its artistic and creative possibilities, the Singer 9940 does not have an LED lamp that provides light on the stitching area. Even when using a desk lamp, you still won’t get enough light to focus on your sewing pattern. It also does not have external dials where you can make adjustments in the forward and backward stitch motions for the exact stitch closure. There are lot varieties that Singer offers their avid consumers. However, this type is most known for its good function and the price is also very much affordable to consumers. The versatility of this type definitely makes it stand out from the rest. The computerized system of this product greatly helps owners feel innovative. This new technology will surely be a hit to every household and appliance owners. Be sure to read the labels properly before trying to use one of these products. Make sure that safety comes always first on your list of important things to do and remember.