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Secret Fitness Strategies Of The Executive

There three kinds of professionals in the world: those who love to live a healthy lifestyle, those who dont know how to do it, and those with no intention of doing it. It is not completely the fault of the second type that they do not engage in exercise as often as they would like. There is a general lack of education in regards to fitness and for the busy professional, lifestyles are to blame. It is part of the way of life – deskbound and overweight.

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Healthy Executives / Professionals

Andrea Brown, a 32-year old graduate of Spelman College and a senior media consultant for the soft drink giant Coca-Cola speaks her mind about what she does to keep healthy:

“I generally try to eat proportioned amounts of healthy foods”

Andrea also uses stairs over lifts whenever possible. While this may add a few minutes to her day it will help keep Andreas Heart fit and strong.

Use the environment around you

Andreas neighborhood is near a bunch of small hills. Whenever she can, Andrea puts on her walking gear and engages in high intensity power walking. Her trips around the small hills take an average of 30 to 40 minutes at a time.

According to Andrea:

“There are a lot of steep hills in my area; the walk can be quite tough”

Even Pregnant women can get involved

Denita Thompson-Maclin, a senior media consultant from Burrell Communications in Chicago, decided to take up some exercise when she fell pregnant. The threat of diabetes and Pre-eclampsia was a serious worry and she decided to take up “aqua exercises”.

I hardly did any exercise before my pregnancy, but I want my baby to have the best start as possible so I started aqua aerobics in my second or third month. The exercise really helps. We do jumping jacks and run in the water. There’s no way I could do that before.

On commercial diets

Diets need to be approached with caution. Diets like Atkins and South Beach work for particular body chemistries only. They also work best if your lifestyle suits the diet.

If you do chose to go on a specific diet it is best to consult your doctor first. Low-carbohydrate diets have been known to cause people dizziness, nausea and fainting spells, while high fat diets can cause kidney issues.

If you get a green light on the new diet, remember that no diet can cause weight loss in one week. Be very careful of commercial diets that claim to be holders of secrets that the government hates or doctors hate.

Chances are, the government and the doctors dont even know about the commercial diet before its launching. And even by then the government or the Food and Drug Authority would only be interested if the product had been examined and pre-approved before distribution and shipping.

The use of diet pills is also not a good quick-fix alternative to exercising. The only drug that has been approved by the medical establishment is the chemical drug named orlistat, which is now being marketed under several brand names.