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Mr Miroslav Vyboh And Entrepreneurship: A Brief Account Of His Achievements Over The Years

Mr Miroslav VYBOH is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe. Being the chief executive officer of Mayfair Assets Limited, a highly successful and active real estate project in Bratislava, he is one of the most influential business persons. At the same time, he stands strong as a role model for many across Monaco’s nation in terms of financial advisory and international operations.

2007- AMW

AMW is a private business founded by Mr Miroslav Výboh in 2007. The firm’s main aim was to work towards the attainment and development of profitable commercial real estate plans in the territory of Slovakia. This was done to achieve the goals of income generation and for capital gain purposes.

2014- Mayfair assets Limited

The company of Mayfair assets Limited was established in the year 2014. Initially, it started as a real estate investment project funding business carrying out International operations worldwide. At the very start, it had offices only located across the following locations:

  • London
  • Prague
  • Bratislava

Within a year of its establishment, the company had already seen large-scale investment growth. By 2015, it executed a transaction volume of more than 800 million euros which is quite a large figure for any business which has not been functioning for more than a year. It is in itself a huge achievement for the people working to make it possible.

What are the services provided by Mayfair assets Limited?

Having its headquarters in London, the company focuses that providing tailored services to High-end clients based in the United Kingdom. Here are the two major, major services provided by Mayfair assets Limited to the ultra-rich clients of the UK:

  • Management of Global strategic assets.
  • Advisory on business procurement.

2011 – MiddleCap

The middle cap company was founded in 2011, but it was not an individual enterprise. In 2009, a company called Neuropea Corporate Finance was first formed. After undergoing certain changes in policies and improvements, it later converted into what today the world knew as The Middle Cap in 2011. Some of the improvements that were made into the original form are listed below:

  • Expansion of team posts and the hiring of more workers.
  • Creation of a very precise and targeted portfolio of services.
  • International operations under the new name.

This new name was finally called as MiddleCap Partners.

Following this, with the replacement of working members and hiring expert professionals, currently, the team of MiddleCap has a sufficient number of 55 industry specialists. The company has already started its debut project in the United Kingdom with a well-known name of the grid. The project will carry out the construction of 70,000 square foot office known by SouthWorks Building’s name on Rushworth street of London. It will be the first project of bGrid in the UK.


In conclusion, Mr Miroslav Vyboh, along with his team of professionals, is the driving force behind all of these companies’ success and the reputation that they hold in the real estate market. Undoubtedly, their efforts, dedication, and hard work have led to this success.