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Losing Weight…..How Hard Can it Really Be?

Well, this January I plan to find out. I have researched many different types of weight loss options from long term eating habits to idealica that claims to help you lose the weight quickly to a claim that you may eat what you want as much as you want just exercise every day and the pound

I have a wedding dress to fit into next summer and I am carrying around some baby weight from a pregnancy that was almost three years ago. A few years ago I tried the exercise only eat what you want to route, to mixed results, it worked……… sort of. I did lose a little weight but I suspect it was really due to the fact that I was watching what I was eating since I knew I was on a “diet” so to speak.

This time around I am going to try the Master Cleanse, celebrities love it, Beyonce lost 20 pounds for her Dream Girls roll. The Master Cleanse cleans out your body of toxins and fat so they say. You don’t eat for 10 days while drinking a concoction of maple syrup, lemon water, and cayenne pepper, they say drink 6-8 glasses a day for ten days and then slowly introduce foods back into your diet. I have heard though that this cleanse can make you somewhat moody which is turning me off this, I will try it though to see if I get the results that I want. If the cleanse fails me or I cant follow thru with ten days of not eating anything which I fear may be the case I have a back-up plan. Weight Watchers, I have seen great results in the people around me that have tried Weight watchers. It’s all about the portion control something that I struggle with every day I love food and lots of it. It pares that portion control in the form of a points system that does allow you to eat that you won’t just stay in your allotted points for the day. You can get some points back if you do some exercise every day and you can bank points for a later date. There is tons of information that comes with the kit when you sign up for the Weight Watchers program. I think that it’s a bit pricey but in the end, if you lose weight and feel good about yourself its all worth it.

Will I lose weight this time around, well this time with the research I have done I feel confident that I can do it!!!!!