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Lexington Dental Check Ups – Know about the checkups!!

Your teeth need consistent care. Thanks to a raised awareness of dental care it’s well known that brushing and flossing regularly is vital to a healthy mouth and smile, but just as important, and not as well understood is the need to regularly consult a dental professional for a regular dental check up. The ADA, American Dental Association, recommends a dental check up twice yearly. Your Lexington dentist is always available for this service.

Here at your Lexington dentist we provide top-notch care custom tailored to your individual needs. Our office provides full-service care at affordable rates. We accept most dental care plans and are able to arrange affordable monthly payments for those who find themselves unable to pay up front. Our friendly front staff is available to guide you through the process in order to help you determine what financial plan works best for you. They’re also available to help you schedule appointments and to help make whatever other arrangements may be needed. We also have a friendly, caring staff of dental hygienists and professionals on staff. Our passion is your best oral care.

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Here at your Lexington dentist we strive to help you overcome whatever reluctance you may feel about visiting a professional for a dental check up. We understand that a trip to our office can be a stressful event, and so we try to ease the fears often associated with our profession. We have clean, well-lighted rooms, our waiting area is stocked with up-to-date magazines and soothing music wafts thorough the office. Our personnel are sensitive to your fears and work hard to make your dental check up as stress free as is possible.

In addition to your comfort, we also offer the most quality oral care available. We are thorough in our work and keep ourselves educated on the latest and greatest dental techniques. Our state-of-the-art allows us to offer quick, easy cleanings that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to have it done! Here at your Lexington dentist we aim to bring you the newest technologies and techniques in our practice so that you walk in our doors with the confidence of knowing you’re going to get the best care we can provide. Our staff will take personal responsibility for the success of your visit.

When your visit with us is over, you will leave your Lexington dentist wearing a gleaming smile and carrying a new toothbrush. We like to encourage our patients to continue to practice good dental hygiene at home so that when you come to your next dental check up your teeth will need little work. Don’t put it off any longer. Call our local office today and do yourself the favor of scheduling yourself a dental review.