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Is Their Any Significant Difference Between The PS4 And The PS4 Pro Controller?

PS4 Pro is the latest version of the widely popular gaming console; Sony PlayStation.  It has all the modern and latest features such as eye-popping 4K full HD graphics, smoother gameplay, and better frame rate and also supports HDR. All the games look better in the PS4 Pro, and you can enjoy the most unique and fantastic gaming experience. It supports the game that you used to play on the PS4 so your money didn’t get wasted as you can play them on PS4 Pro too.

The controller is the most crucial part of all game consoles. There are various misconceptions about the PS4 controller and the PS4 pro controller. But in reality, there are no significant differences among both of the controllers. Only the visible differences are in the look and appearance of both the controllers such as light on the touchpad, color of buttons, and design. You can also build a controller now of your choice and customized it according to your needs and requirements.

Top points of difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro

The difference in the prices

The biggest and most visible difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro is their prices. If we talk about the price, then the PS4 is the first choice of the users, despite the fantastic features offered by PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is quite expensive, which makes the PS4 better choice, but if you have the priority for the features, disregarding the price, then PS4 Pro is undoubtedly the best gaming console.

Appearance and looks

There is a little difference in the looks and design of PS4 and PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is a bit larger in the size as it has been given an additional layer at the top by the manufacturers. It is the biggest difference in the looks of both the gaming console. On the other side, PS4 has a simple two-layered design with the port for a drive in the middle of both the layers. The size is almost the same as there is no significant difference. The major difference is in the weight of the console, as the PS4 Pro is about five hundred grams heavier than the PS4.


The ports create the biggest difference in both the gaming consoles. The ps4 Pro has the latest optical audio part with an additional USB port for USB cables. The connectivity of both the consoles is the same except for the 3.0 USB ports, which are introduced in the PS4 Pro. The extra USB port in the ps4 Pro is for the users who prefer charging their controller using a USB cable. Another significant difference is that the PS4 pro 2.0 HDMI port is used, whereas the PS 4 has outdated 1.4 HDMI port.

Internal system

The internal system of both the gaming consoles is quite the same with the AMD Jaguar 8 core CPU with a clock speed varying from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz. The latest version has better GPU for more efficient performance with an enhanced power up to 800MHz to 911MHz. The Bluetooth 4.0 is given in the PS4 Pro with an fantastic Wi-Fi antenna. You can play all your games easily in it as it offers 1GB DDR3 RAM.

To conclude, there is not any major difference in both of the consoles except for some minor differences.