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Advertise Electrical Business – How To Get Success!!

Clearly, advertising is an excellent way to grow your business. But advertising can be a very complicated process. For most of us, we have no idea where to start, and we have a multitude of questions about advertising: Where should we advertise, what should we advertise, when should we advertise, who is our audience, how much should we spend on advertising, and how can we make our adverting more effective, etc? Many of these questions have to be answered on an individual basis. ElectricianFAQ has some basic guidelines and suggestions that you should find extremely helpful in your advertising endeavors.

Perhaps the most important question is how much to spend on advertising. The reason that an advertising budget is essential is that it affects every other aspect of your advertising decision. Where you place your ads, how they appear, the quantity that you put out, and what types of media you use will be mostly determined by how much you can or desire to spend. Most experts recommend spending between three and five percent of your gross income on advertising. This is the type of investment that over a five-year period could double your business.

Once you have decided how much to spend on advertising, choose several mediums. An advertising medium is a combination of method and placement. Start by analyzing your current customer base and your strengths. Do you, as a business, specialize in meeting the needs of individuals or other businesses? Then, determine what media you want to use to meet your target audience. For example, what types of people or businesses need my services, and would they likely find my services? The internet provides a cheap and easily accessible route. The city or area newspaper might have a good readership.

Television is effective but very expensive, perhaps an industry magazine or publication would be more affordable for your business. Basically, experiment and discover what works for you. Maybe flyers posted in certain locations or passed out door to door would be a good option. One of the good options with the people is to select the Low Cost Electrician Services. The cost of the services is less but there is no compromise in the quality. The advertising can be done in the magazines and other place for increasing the business. the correct and genuine information should be made available to the people for the selection. 

We recommend starting with the internet, beginning with industry or subject websites. Millions of people search the internet for their needs, and it is usually inexpensive to advertise there. For example, if you were selling electrical services, advertise on how-to websites, advice websites, union or guild websites, Craigslist or anything that would come up on a Google search.

Think outside the box, what opportunity do seasons bring? For this spring and summer, advertise on landscaping websites. You could advertise on pool websites for landscape or pool lighting. Air conditioning companies are also a good place to advertise. For winter, advertise with heating companies. Around the holidays, consider advertising about Christmas lights to show how basic electrical upgrades or changes can enhance light displays, etc.

Again the goal of advertising is to create a need – so go to a place where the needy might look. Secondly, a good way to create a need is to attach it to another need or desire. For instance, if someone is building a deck or patio for summer, perhaps they need a certified and licensed electrician to add outdoor and landscape lighting. You could show how to optimize the function and appearance of their new additions. So, as you are advertising your general services, also highlight some applicable a circumstances. For example, you could write an advertisement like:

Excel Electrical Services, LLC

Ensuring EXCELLENT electrical services since 19XX, Excel Electrical seeks to repair or upgrade your electric with expert work, fair prices and a smile. Ask about our deal on outdoor lighting this season. Call-555-555-5555.

Here are a few more tips on “how to get the most out of your print advertisement”:

Strength of Color –

Advertising performance is strongly influenced by color. Four-color ads hold attention 62% more than black-and-white ads and 40% more than two-color ads.

Size Matters –

Larger ads establish page dominance and increase readership. Full-page ads are remembered 40% more than quarter-page ads.

Visual Impact –

Consumers want to see what they are getting. As the number of graphic elements increase, so do readership levels.

Frequency –

The more readers see your message over time, the more your product or service secures top-of-mind awareness. Increasing the frequency of your message will increase its effectiveness.

Remember that you have unlimited gain from a small investment in advertising. Stick with it and see the benefits you can reap. For more tips on advertising, perform a Google search on marketing and advertising. We hope that these tips bring you great profit.

How To Enjoy Food And Still Live A Healthy Lifestyle

For most people, dieting is boring and hard-work. If you love cake and sweets then the idea of giving them up for good probably doesn’t appeal. Who would choose lettuce over chocolate right?

 If that sounds like you, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Losing weight and staying healthy does take some work and some sacrifice, but you don’t have to forever give up enjoying your food.

Here are a few ways you can make your healthy diet a little easier to follow:

A large part of appetite is habit, this is why dieting can feel so hard if you are used to eating calorie rich foods and often it does take a big dose of will power to break the cycle and get back onto a healthier track. Leptitox reviews will bring a change in the lifestyle of the person. The consumption of the products is there with the supervision of the experts. The gathering of the  essential is necessary to consume the products within the budget of the people. 

Periodically taking the time to detox can do wonders. This can be achieved by fasting, eating only natural foods or juicing – it all comes down to personal preference.

The main point though, is that by really devoting yourself for a week or so, you can down-regulate your appetite and cleanse your palette. After a reset you will find that you appreciate the taste of food more as well as being less of a slave to a false appetite.

A really hard part of dieting is the idea that you can never eat your favorite foods. This thought makes it much harder to commit to a permanent lifestyle change. So instead of trying to go cold-turkey, make sure that you choose a diet that allows you to indulge occasionally.

 The selection of the best fat burner for men is purchased from the reputed site to offer effective results. The pros and cons information of the fat burner should be available with the people while making the purchase. 

What is really important is that you set yourself clear rules and don’t allow yourself to overdo it. Don’t over-complicate your diet either, this will just make it harder to follow.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an increasingly popular way to live more healthily and there is a lot of evidence supporting it as a healthy thing to do. In studies it has shown to produce a positive change in hormone balance and stabilize blood glucose and insulin levels.

More importantly though, by finding a fasting/eating ratio that suits you, you can easily reduce your calories but still have the opportunity to eat large meals and feel full for a lot of the time.

Often you can make your lifestyle a whole lot healthier by making small changes in everyday life. But to do that, you need to understand what you are eating.

Start to read packaging and learn how many calories are in certain items and also where those calories come from (hint: protein and natural fats are good, highly processed carbs are not).

 Once you know the true cost of certain food items you will find yourself making healthier choices without even trying.

You can certainly eat unhealthy foods every now and then, but do it right by making sure that the taste is worth it. Eating a McDonalds may be nice at the time, but for all the calories and toxins is it really worth it? Wouldn’t you rather have a home-made lasagna and a hot chocolate? Basically, don’t eat unhealthy food unless you know that doing so will make you feel satisfied and well and truly spoiled.

When you eat better you start to feel better, try to notice the difference it makes and then notice how groggy you feel after a binge. When you feel sluggish and tired you are more likely to eat poorly, so making sure that you get plenty of the right foods and supplementing some extra vitamins if necessary can really help you to keep your mind in the right place.

If you allow yourself to get deficient in any important micro-nutrients you won’t feel 100% which will lead you to being less active and have less will power.The hardest part is ending bad habits and forming good ones, but once you get started on a healthier lifestyle you might never look back.

Rather than focusing on weight loss (which takes time) why not focus on eating well, getting the right vitamins and feeling better in your own skin? If you enjoy feeling good, you will soon lose weight too.

Online Marketing Services for Small business internet

Small Business internet marketing should include counseling, social networking as a way uses products or services to promote. A business page on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is now free, but the work, time, and expertise takes it regularly to find a company promote not on online social media.

An effective online social media company has to provide certain services to start an online marketing campaign. What services should expect a small business internet owner, if an advisor to the setting? In this article, important activities in online social media are sketched, which leads to more prospects and sales. The bottom line to increase a company by increasing and friends and members of an organization, it is obvious why all small businesses internet need to set-up accounts social networking.

Construction of online social media business accounts: to have a personal page on Facebook is not enough to promote a company. Company page the opening is only the first step in social networks as a source of leads and sales include. A consultant should offer a Facebook page in the company name to Set-up and have a person to manage this page. A Twitter business account and a business page on LinkedIn should also be specified. The services are the practical one when people buy facebook page likes cheap with the best quality. The availability of the promotional tips is there to have the effective benefits. The creation of the account will enable the business people to use it to improve the sale and profit. The experience of the customers is high at the platform to meet with the right results.

Regular posting: There are many ways to interact with friends and contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On Facebook, members can publish a link to a website, a photo or a graphic or video. This release is immediate and it is public. When posting to a social networking business side occurs, there is automatically the company more attention in the social networking community and to search engines. An online social media company should a company a weekly schedule offer accounts for posting. If the goal is to drive more traffic a website, then link to the site back may be booked.

Increase friends and contacts: Friend seeding in social networks is actually sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These pages provide friendly software users designed to transmit e-mail account contacts and other social networking site contacts to the desired social networking site. Many small businesses are unaware they can increase friends in this way or are not familiar with how to use the software on Facebook. A consultant will be friends, contacts, and followers for the business side. The consultant should also suggest Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter “follow” symbols on the company’s website using, so that people can join the business side easily. There are also other methods to increase friends too. An online social media company should continue to maintain new friends and contacts around the campaign.

The dialogue with friends and contacts:

Once friends and contacts on the rise and social networking accounts are in motion, the dialogue will become increasingly important. The entrepreneur or actors may not have the time to stay on requests, comments or complaints. An online social media company should this type of current account maintenance. To perform effective sales, companies need to keep busy friends and contacts. This comes through meaningful and value-adding dialogue. Answering questions and posting comments to other posts are a great way to stimulate discussions. Sometimes public dialogue in an online social media environment encourages others to participate and take an interest in the products or services of the company.

With social networking accounts, the main activities include posting regularly to stay engaged with friends and contacts and keep a conversation alive, informative and interesting. An online social media companies can and should this provide everything – and more.

Is CBD Safe For Your Doggo? Grab The Complete Details Here Now!

People have been familiar with cannabidiol for ages, but the benefits are outshining a lot nowadays. It is great for people to make use of cannabidiol as it relieves stress, tension, and depression and allows you to stay calm in stressful situations. 

The use of cbd for dogs has become a subject of debate recently, and the dog parents have made different claims. We are here taking look details of the use of cbd and whether it is safe or not for dogs. 

Cbd oil for dogs- a debatable subject!

There is no denial that pets are our family, and taking care of their health is an important subject. To maintain their wellness, you have to be precise regarding their food consumption. Marijuana legality into several regions has made use of cbd common for pets. However, dog parents claim that cbd is helpful to their pets in multiple ways. 

It is popularly known as older pets do feel anxious at times and pain due to arthritis and other severe conditions that are caused due to the increasing age of them. Making use of cbd products such as oils and treats can help the pet to overcome issues and stay calm. 

Clinical studies and research show that cbd is great to relieve stress and other mental problems along with alleviating the pain for humans. However, the same benefits can be enjoyed by the dogs, too, with cbd oil consumption in general. It is a great choice for you to give a thought to top brands offering cbd dog oils with different weighs and strengths to improve your pet’s appetite and overall health. Cbd is actually a natural ingredient and completely healthy. 

When obtaining cbd products for your pet, make sure you read the label carefully and know if there is any presence of thc within it. It is better to obtain cbd oil that has no presence of thc and packed with natural ingredients. 

Top cbd oil for pets!

  • Honest paws cbd oil for dogs:

it is a top brand that offers great deals of cbd oil for dogs and resolves the issue of stress and anxiety instantly. Additionally, there are dog treats options also available that can come in handy to add flavors to your dog’s eating routine. It offers 100% natural cbd oil with no THC making it suitable for pets. 

  • Cbd pet by cbd pure:

CBD pure is again a great name that offers assistance to people with pure quality cbd with full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. It is good for you to get cbd oil from the brand as natural ingredients of the cbd make it optimal for use to alleviate the pain and discomfort of your dog. 

  • Medipets cbd oil for dogs:

mediopets is a prestigious name that provides high quality of cbd product that can provide comfort from severe issues caused to dogs. You can check this website of the brand that offers great assistance and get major benefits. 



The Truth About Plastic Dog Bowls

Feeding and meal times for dogs are very crucial, important, and special times. There are a couple of things that dogs really enjoy doing and eating is one of them in addition to walks in the park and chasing after cars, this site here will tell you all about it. Dogs enjoy eating a lot and if you are not careful and if you do not control your dog, it can gain weight quite easily.

As the owner of your canine friend, you must control your dogs feeding patterns, habits, appetite and you must regulate what they eat and how much they eat. If you do not do this diligently and consistently your dog will balloon very easily and he or she will put on excess weight quite easily and quickly. When it comes to feeding your pets especially dogs it is recommended that you use standard plastic dog bowls.

Standard plastic dog bowls have many advantages and benefits over metal, steel, stainless steel, and ceramic dog bowls. Firstly plastic is a very durable and strong material. It is also relatively cheap in terms of maintenance and cost. Plastic dog bowls are very easy to maintain. They do not break easily, they do not fold easily, they do not chip or crack under extreme forms of pressure. Your dogs can try to chew them or play with them but they will not break or crack. Plastic feeding dog bowls and plastic water dog bowls are very easy to maintain, they are very easy to wash. Stains, dirt, and bits and pieces of extra dog food can be easily washed off them.

Even when it comes to tough and stubborn dirt and food stains you simply soak the standard plastic dog food bowl in lukewarm, slightly or mildly hot water, and rinse clean and leave it to dry. The same cannot be said for steel, metal, ceramic, and stainless steel dog feeding and water bowls. Plastic is a great material and there is a very broad and wide range of different styles, colors, designs, sizes, and color themes when it comes to plastic feeding dog bowls. These dog feeding bowls can be found in any local, hardware, and pet store. They are also sold online and most of these online traders and companies do home deliveries. You can compare and check prices online and you can also check for traders, dealers, and store outlets in your area and the immediate surrounding area after that.

Plastic feeding and water dog bowls are sold countrywide, there are millions of shops all over the country that stock a very wide and broad variety and range of very nice and quite stylish feeding dog bowls. Dogs are more than just our pets, they are our best friends and we should take care of them and treat them whenever we can.

Top 4 Tips And Tricks Regarding The Photoshop Elements That Will Amaze You!

Several people are unaware that the amazing and best technique of the Photoshop elements is capable of creating stunning images. They can create the images remarkably, and it is hard to notice or rectify that those pictures are edited or not. Http:// will enable you to understand more regarding it thoroughly here we are going to give a brief introduction.

The Photoshop elements are designed in the same architecture that features the same tools as their elder brother. Still, there are numerous differences amongst them, but they are powerful too. If you are the one who is fond of editing the pictures or willing to get them to edit professionally, then you should opt for the Photoshop elements.

So that you can get the amazing results just by putting the least efforts into it. At the following points, we have described some of them to serve you with an idea regarding them. Let’s have a look at the following points to uncover those elements. Check them out:-

Tips and tricks about the Photoshop elements along with their description:-

  • Magnetic Lasso Tool:

Are you the one who is fond of plain sight in your Photoshop tool panel? If so, then the Magnetic Lasso Tool is one for you. It is the man’s gift to the photo editing. It enables the people to make the editing process easier by tracing the line exactly and then separating the rest of the image from the platform conveniently.

  • Magic wand tool:

This is the perfect tool if you want certain modifications in your background or monotone consistent for frequent changes in the colors. Basically, it is used to switch background colors, and it usually works like magic because it is capable of swapping two colors very easily.

  • Adjustment layers:

This is an amazing and stunning Photoshop element and very important as well. It is the tool that will adjust the color of the image by adding up the top layer onto it. The best part is it can reach up to some extra layers as well so that the changes can be reversed conveniently, and the rest of the image will become amazing.

  • Custom shape tool:

The Photoshop elements give you the flexibility of freedom to shape the things you want to resize. Yes! You read that right; with Photoshop elements’ help, you can feel like a magician as you are allowed to do the things that you want to do, and custom shape tool is the one magic wand in your hand.

The conclusion

We are here along with the conclusion that defines the Photoshop elements are worth considering if you are willing to get your photos to editing impressively. These are the elements that will easily edit your photos, as viewers will not recognize at one sight that these photos were edited. When it comes to the Photoshop elements, there are multiple types of it available, so we have elaborated some of them to give you a glimpse of how magical they are and what type of features you are going to get along with the flexibility.

What Causes Diarrhea In Dogs

There are very many things that can cause diarrhea in your dog but it is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog away from the causes. The most common way for a dog to get diarrhea is through ingestion. It could come from his dietary needs not being met; he ate something from the garbage, or got into something that caused bacteria to inhibit in his stomach. You must understand it is not your dog’s fault; they are scavengers naturally and instinctively get into things.

Now dogs have a sensitive stomach due to which they cannot gobble down anything that comes under their nose which is sadly the root cause of diarrhea that needs to be looked into so they should follow a healthy diet plan that veterinary doctors recommend for them to have and pets cbd pain anxiety to curb their anxiety issues that induces due to an upset stomach. 

Other causes can be infections, allergic reactions, or even organ diseases. Older dogs have issues with their kidneys or their liver which can cause diarrhea. Stress is also a large cause of diarrhea in dogs and is hard to understand. Most dogs have a very simple life: sit at home and wait for you to come home and play with them and feed them. Their daily activities and environment don’t change that often. So if you are making changes to your home, or moving, this could stress your dog out. Meeting new people or pets, or even losing them can cause a dog to stress out. It is important to help your dog adjust to change by making sure to spend time with them.

What are Symptoms and Effects of Diarrhea?

Some of the more common symptoms are loose/liquid stools and bowel eliminations. Flatulence is common in dogs with diarrhea, also blood or feces with mucus in them are symptoms. Diarrhea can cause stunting to the growth of a puppy and can affect the general wellness of an adult dog. It can affect their appetite and energy levels and cause them to want to lay down and rest all day; rather than run around and play.

There are many ways to treat your dog’s diarrhea but first it is important to know what causes diarrhea in dogs. If your dog’s dietary needs aren’t being met, change their food immediately. It is important that you know the difference of feeding your dog people food and preparing your own dog food. If your dog is constantly stressed out, find the cause and fix it.

Common home remedies can be very effective and will come highly recommended with dog lovers. A very common method is to fast your dog for 12-24 hours. This will clear out their entire system and all of the things they have eaten recently. However this method isn’t a cure for all causes of diarrhea. If your dog has kidney or a liver disease, it will not work to cure their diarrhea. If the cause is their diet or they are allergic to something in the house, it won’t work.

The method I recommend most is adding carrot supplements to their meals. Carrots contain many natural vitamins that are very healthy for your pet. However feeding raw carrots will not give you the same effect as a carrot supplement. Naturally, dogs cannot digest carotene which is in the carrots. The best way to feed them the carrots is through dehydrated carrot supplements. These are prepared by rehydrating the carrots and adding oil before mixing it into your dog’s food. So instead of getting a crunchy raw carrot, they are getting a pudding like substance with all the benefits of the carrot mixed into their food. Adding the moist carrot supplement will also help your dog’s digestive process if they are typically fed dry food. Adding the moisture helps your pet digest faster and more smoothly.

The carrot supplement is a great way to treat diarrhea, but are also a good supplement to add into your dog’s food at every feeding. There are many other benefits to the skin/coat, immune system, their organs, digestive systems. It can also help to prevent worms which are a leading killer of dogs.

Live Stream a Sporting Event With These Easy Steps

Internet Connection

One of the most important things that you need to consider is a strong and solid internet connection. Your live streaming sports would be more fun and exciting if you the game runs smoothly, without any lag and delays. Any high-speed connection such as DSL, cable, fiber, modem and others will be fine. However, technically speaking, the speed of your router will depend on the 802.00 version. Always ensure that the optimum condition of your router is well stable so you can have an amazing live streaming experience. 


Another factor that you need to consider after having a stable internet connection is the hardware. This is now when you have to set up all the equipment that you need. To do this, the first step you need to take is to find a reliable computer. Some players recommend using a nondescript laptop running Windows. You may also use Linux or Mac. Ideally, if you use more memory and processor in your computer, the smoother your production will be. The next item you need to prepare is a camera. You don’t have to use expensive camera for this setup. All you have to do is use a simple cheap webcam that connects via USB.

Streaming Software

Now that you are able to set up all the needed equipment, the next step you need to do is to look for a streaming software. You wont have a hard time looking for the right streaming software as there are lots of video streaming services available on the Internet. Some of the best services are,, and You can use a basic streaming software for you to get started. This is also very easy to set up. You just have to set up the encoding software, add stream info, use features that you prefer and go live. As simple as that.


While this is an optional software, having scoreboard will also add greatness in your live streaming service. For a lot of streamers, a scoreboard is what completes the live stream. There are also lots of scoreboard software that you can use in the market. One of those is the Live.Score. This software can support different sports and it is very easy to use as well. All you have to do is open the application, set up a window capture source in OBS and set up scoreboard. 

Social Media

Lastly, you also need to consider social media to complete your live fan feedback. You can include fans in your broadcast to make the entire game even more exciting. With this, you will be able to make them as part of the event. Once they can get their opinion on the broadcast, they will have a little more buy0in to the overall product, and they are more likely to watch your next broadcast.

Hence,  live football streaming PC is very easy to set up. You just have to have the right equipment and you can get started right away.


Here Are The 4 Tips Of Simplifying Due Diligence

Many things are going on inside companies nowadays which are complex and cannot be understood by everyone. The company goes through millions of processes in its lifetime and many of them are complicated to be understood by people not working in the same company. Due diligence is also one of those complicated processes that people not working in the company do not understand and is one of the most important things a company has to go through. Even for the company, taking decisions for due diligence is a difficult task. And because of its complexity, the management has come up with many steps over the years that help in simplifying this process. With the passing years, many of those steps were broken down and improvised, the steps which were not broken down and weren’t improvised were removed. Now there are 4 tips for simplifying the due diligence, which is considered by every company and is kept in reference.     

What is due diligence? 

TCO or total cost of ownership is a very important part of the due diligence. TCO is the purchase price of the machinery or assent and the total cost that lies ahead during its operation. It is calculated to find the indirect and the direct cost of the asset that is going to be purchased or is owned by the company. This cost can be used in many sections of accounting and helps the company or an individual to make a buying decision for the asset. 

IT due diligence is the process of calculating the total cost of ownership of a brand’s infrastructure as well as the risk that is aligned with the mergers and acquisitions. These are really important documents for a company as these can help many investors and different agencies who are interested in the company to gain trust over them. These are highly important for start-ups and new companies as they need to gain everyone’s trust over them to succeed further. 

Tips for simplifying due diligence

There have been many views by many people and organizations in the past about processes and tips for simplifying due diligence but over the years these tips have been improvised and many of them have been removed now there are 4 tips for simplifying the due diligence. They are- 

Predict the need for due diligence documents

It is important to forecast that at what moment the company might get the need for these documents and for that moment the company needs to be prepared in advance. 

Try using virtual data room

Virtual data rooms are a safer and healthier choice for keeping the data safe rather than making the data physically available. 

Limit the access to these documents

Not everyone needs to lay their hands on these documents as they are private and need to be secure, so the company should limit the number of people who can access these files. 

Keep documents organized and explanations prepared

The interested company will not want the documents to be a mess and would like them to be arranged properly. And anytime can they request to explain the data the files contain.

Due intelligence documents are usually stored inside data room use cases as they are safe and serve as a medium for the exchange of different important documents between the company and the customer or the person who needs them.

Health Safeguards & Infection Control

In years past, many patients — because they couldn’t “see” what was wrong with their teeth — felt that they needed to have blind faith in their dentist and different cosmetic dentistry products. Well, thanks to modern technology, we’ve been able to solve this dilemma with our intra-oral camera. This device, installed in a small wand, shows patients a live video of their oral structures and helps the doctor explain the diagnosis and treatment options, as well as patient follow-up care. Smile, you’re on Covey Camera. 

 Today we are all concerned about health and safety issues. Please be assured that these are important issues at Highland Dental Health. Much of our training efforts and resources are concentrated on making our office technically advanced in the areas of safety and hygiene.

  • Disposable masks and gloves changed for each patient
  • Heat sterilization of all instruments and handpieces
  • Covering and protection of all possible surfaces with clear, disposable wrap Holding to a strict infection control standard as part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality dental care, we incorporate routine use of the following safeguards to eliminate possible transmission of disease. 

 Patient Comfort & Office Amenities

 Committed to your comfort, we do everything possible to minimize discomfort, reduce anxiety, and keep visits as short as possible. Many patients look forward to sitting back in our super-comfortable chairs and using our CD or DVD players as well as our new chairside interactive computer system designed to give the patient an interactive experience never before seen in a dentists office, you can watch what’s happening in your oral cavity as the doctor explains what is going on, or you can look up information about suggested or scheduled procedures. 

 While you are in the reception area you have the choice of reading current magazines, watching satellite TV, or DVD movies provided by our office, (there are two DVD monitors and one satellite TV monitor). Several stations of music, as well, are transmitted through our office headset system, just select DVD, Satellite, or Music and relax. In years past, many patients — because they couldn’t “see” what was wrong with their teeth — felt that they needed to have blind faith in their dentist. Well, thanks to modern technology, we’ve been able to solve this dilemma with our intra-oral camera. This device, installed in a small wand, shows patients a live video of their oral structures and helps the doctor explain the diagnosis and treatment options, as well as patient follow-up care.

Smile, you’re on Covey Camera. Today we are all concerned about health and safety issues. Please be assured that these are important issues at Highland Dental Health. Much of our training efforts and resources are concentrated on making our office technically advanced in the areas of safety and hygiene.

Committed to your comfort, we do everything possible to minimize discomfort, reduce anxiety, and keep visits as short as possible. Many patients look forward to sitting back in our super-comfortable chairs and using our CD or DVD players as well as our new chairside interactive computer system designed to give the patient an interactive experience never before seen in a dentists office, you can watch what’s happening in your oral cavity as the doctor explains what is going on, or you can look up information about suggested or scheduled procedures. While you are in the reception area you have the choice of reading current magazines, watching satellite TV, or DVD movies provided by our office, (there are two DVD monitors and one satellite TV monitor). S