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Ending Dieting Once and for All

Most women (any many men!) have endured the hardships of dieting: hunger pangs, fatigue, irritability, and general unhappiness. We are told to exercise, eat healthy and watch portion sizes. But is this realistic in our daily lives? We all attend birthday parties, work gatherings and dinner dates on a fairly regular basis. Keeping a tough regimen takes strong dedication and often isolation from group eating occasions, does this make us happy? Worst of all, dieting can lead to eating disorders such as binge eating (BED) and anorexia. Obsessing over food can be a slippery slope.


After reading The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel and Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth, I am convinced that dieting truly does not work. Instead of focusing on food, these writers discuss the impact of our relationship with food. If you are currently on a diet, why do you restrict what you eat? Do you need to for medical reasons? Are you unhappy with your body? How much do you think about food? Jon Gabriel and Geneen Roth approach these questions in a direct but empathetic matter. They encourage dieters to stop obsessing over every morsel consumed. Our bodies are built to enjoy nutritious foods and will find a natural weight when we are at peace with ourselves. Many dieters believe that losing weight will lead to a better life – happier, more fulfilled and more respected. Perhaps that’s true, but, for many, weighing less isn’t the paradise they imagined. First, consider your overall happiness. What do you feel you are missing? Why do you feel overweight? What are you looking for? Will a smaller waist line really solve all of your problems? Is there a toxic individual in your life affecting your self perception? Or are you being your own worst enemy? After grappling some of those questions, you can strive to live in the present moment. Each day is a gift, when taken for granted the rest of your life goes out of balance.

Living in the present is a major component of yoga living. Yoga will also help you relax and come to terms with your body. No one is perfect, but practicing yoga allows you to reach a perfect level of serenity. Personally, yoga has allowed me to accept my imperfections and expand my life to kindness and acceptance. It truly changed not only my physical body by my sprit (and that is not meant in religious terms) as well. Rather than struggling to fit the mold imposed on us, I believe true happiness lies in peace within ourselves. In encourage you to stop focusing on the food and start focusing on the soul. When you finally reach peace, you finally reach your goal weight. I promise. The focus of the person should be at the resurge customer reviews to get the desired results. The movement of the body parts will be as per the choice of the person. The results will be effective with the consumption of the pills after checking the reviews. It will deliver peace and relaxation to the mind of the person.