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Effective Web Design Tips Backed by Research

if you are planning to create your website for your business or blog, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the highly effective web design tips backed by research. These tips will help you create a killer website. 

Site Speed

When creating or improving web design, it is important to always make site speed an absolute priority. Your website should be very easy to use and has high speed so visitors can navigate on your page easily. Research has shown that there is high correlation between the site speed and the user satisfaction. When your visitors are satisfied with the speed of your website, there is a high possibility that their satisfaction will be converted into revenue and profit. Otherwise, your visitors will not stick around and look for other platforms.


According to studies and research, most of people spend 57 percent of their time above the fold with sharp decline afterwards. This means that people are dedicated to spend their time on screenfuls. Hence, fold does still matter when creating and effective web design. Since fold matters, it means that you need to make your content a priority and utilize all your available space to hook users in so they will stay on your website. Some of the tips to do that include using a clear and descriptive headline, including your main call to action, including media and aming others.

Hick’s Law

You should also take advantage of Hick’s law. According to this law, the more choices a person has, the longer he or she will take to make a decision. Of course, if you are a business owner, your main goal is to gain profit or revenue. So for you to have it, you need to apply hick’s law to your website. You can do this by reducing the number of menu items, limiting form fields, focusing on one call to action, displaying social buttons for networks you are active on and sticking to one goal per page. 

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is also one of the key elements in creating an effective web design. It is not ideal to make your website complicated. Always keep in mind that the reason why people visit your website is because they are looking for information about your products of services. Hence, there is no need to make their lives complicated. Studies and research conducted by research show that visitors don’t like visual complexity. The more complex your design, the less it is perceived by visitors as beautiful. So always keep the simplicity of your web design at all times. 

Use real photos

Lastly, make sure to use real photos of your products or people. Stocky images are generally not ideal to be used in a professional website. Hence, when choosing photos for story telling in your content, it is advisable to use real and actual photos. For more information about web design, you can go to