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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Losing excess fat is quite essential to remain healthier and there are several ways which can help you to cut down those extra pounds that you have gained through unhealthy eating habits. Normally, your diet should include mostly lower-calorie food options and less of the high-calorie foods. But the fact of the matter is, the tastiest foods are those that contain the highest amount of calories. People are less inclined to cut down on tastier and bulky foods and higher calorie intake results. Let’s analyze the top five ways which could help reduce your calorie intake and lead to a permanent weight loss.

1) Adding more vegetables to your diet is an effective method that helps in reducing your calorie count as well as provides you with the necessary proteins and vitamins that are vital for a healthy body. Most vegetables are rich in fiber, a complex carbohydrate that keeps you healthy and less hungry for longer periods of time.

2) Find out your ideal body weight. Ideal body weight is the body weight of a normal adult of your age and height. Knowing your ideal body weight is quite vital to reduce the calorie intake since the difference obtained by subtracting the ideal body weight from your current body weight gives you an idea of how much weight you should lose to reach the ideal weight level. You can then adjust your calorie intake as needed. With the help of coolsculpting, you can easily control your body weight. Moreover, if you are wondering that there’s no recovery time involved with CoolSculpting? You can click on this link to learn all about this process and along with its benefits and cost.

3) Cut down on your junk food intake. Most junk foods have very high calories since they are rich in saturated fat, sugar, and salt. It is probably difficult for people who regularly consume fast foods to cut down on them. The best option in such situations is to slowly take away the junk foods from your diet one at a time and begin replacing them with the healthier ones. As a result of this, you would eventually end up consuming foods that are low in calories

4) Eliminate soda from your diet. Eliminating soda from your diet reduces your calorie intake significantly. First of all, soda is very high in calories. In addition, soda is pretty much a liquid sugar and gets digested very quickly thus making you feel hungry. This leads to overeating and increases your calorie intake even more.

5) Learn to cook your own food. Although this doesn’t seem to be an effective method, it helps you to cut down on fast foods that are loaded with calories. When you prepare dishes at home, you could decide the number of ingredients to be used therefore can control the calorie content.

Weight loss seems like an impossible goal but if you will follow these five simple ways to reduce your calorie intake you will be on the road to weight loss in no time.

A Great Birthday Without Breaking the Bank account for hosting party

Birthday parties can often mean big expenses. The older your child gets, the more you are likely to spend on the party. Wouldn’t it be great to give your child a birthday to remember, without the added costs? There can be using of popular Happy Birthday Son animated GIFs for conveying of the message. The cost of the animated gifts will be under the budget of the person. 

 Here is a list of ways to help save money:

1) Limit the guests: Experts suggest allowing no more than one child to be invited for every year of your child’s age. For a first birthday, invite only one other baby. For a fifth birthday, allow no more than five children to be invited. Less guests mean less money spent on food and goody bags.

2) Keep the party at home: While many children want to have a birthday at a fun park or skating rink, the expenses quickly add up. Instead, opt for a party at home. Look for games and activities your children would enjoy, rather than paying for all the guests to do another activity elsewhere. Having the party at home also gives you more control over the menu, where you can save even more money (see #3).

3) Stick to a menu: Plan your menu in advance. Choose food items that are fast and cheap, such as pizza rolls or hot dogs. When shopping, use as many coupons as possible, or opt for the store brand. If the food is served on platters, without guests seeing the packages, no one will be the wiser!

4) Day old bakery: Many grocery stores offer their day-old cakes at a nice discount. The morning of the party, or the night before, check the discounted bakery racks at your grocery store for decorated cakes that are marked-down. You can still get the message of your choice added to it, and you save as much as 50%. The cake is still fresh, and chances are that hungry guests will finish it before it has a chance to go bad!

5) Make it yourself: Another great way to save money is making the cake yourself. Simply bake the cake, ice it, and add a themed toy (which doubles as a present!) to the top of the cake. Fast and simple.

6) Cheat a little: If your child has his or her heart set on a certain theme, but the costs will be too high, here is a simple tip. Purchase only the napkins that go with the theme, and then add complimenting solid colored cups, plates, and forks.

7) Hit up the dollar store: Many dollar stores offer party supplies at a fraction of the cost you find at party stores. Check to see what you can purchase at your dollar store before heading to the party store, and you are sure to find great savings!

8) Clearance racks: Party stores often switch between the popular themes they stock in their stores. When new themes become popular, older patterns are marked down significantly. Check their clearance section for themed supplies at as much as 70% off the original price!

9) Skip the pricey balloons: An easy way to save money is by skipping the pricey balloons. Chances are, no one will notice their absence!

With these money saving tips, you can easily give your child a great birthday without breaking the bank!

How To Start Your Hot Dog Cart Business

If you take pleasure in the outside world and like to interact with other people, a business owning a hot dog cart could possibly be the perfect type of endeavor to suit your needs. These benefits might seem as if you can actually be generating income by selling hotdogs on the street, however, there are several important matters you have to think about before starting your business. Selecting a perfect area, finishing food protection education and obtaining the proper permits are typically essential. If you carry this out properly, you will have a profitable business with repeat buyers and being famous in the area you chose to sell.

  1. Get more information regarding the industry

Sign up for a publication or a regular membership that relates to seller or cart proprietors. You will probably get industry insider information notifying you of food protection regulations and real life encounters by other sellers, as well as finding out more information about the trustworthy business suppliers and other details that you might not have been conscious of back then.

  1. Find the right equipment

Before you start your hot dog cart business, be sure to first buy the proper equipment for the job. You must buy the best hot dog steamers in addition to finding a good cart to use. Additionally, you must have a large and durable umbrella and the equipment that you will need when preparing hot dogs for sale.

  1. Be informed of the required food safety procedures in your area

Show up at a food safety training course for mobile food sellers within your area. In numerous locations, this is a prerequisite required for every food vendor by the Department of Health. Get in touch with the organization locally to discover whether it is needed or not.

  1. Do your due diligence on the feasibility of your stand

Analyze the market before starting your business by creating a compact stand at community street festivals, in season festivity market occasions and flea marketplaces. Since you are going to be offering food, you will have to go through an application procedure that is more comprehensive compared to the one required to receive a short term vendor’s permit for other stores. Because it is a big commitment, be sure that you will remain in that area for long to avoid wasting your efforts. As such, be sure that it is feasible and profitable in your chosen area.

  1. Have a nice selection of locations

Think about having two or more potential areas before you start on just one simply because a number of metropolitan areas have limitations on their allowed street vendor. Additionally, when thinking about an appropriate area, be familiar with the traffic as well as the adjacent establishments in the course of peak times during the day. Make certain that the location is an excellent one so that you can operate your hot dog cart business properly.

  1. Complete your permits

Always check that you possess every one of the required permits and licenses necessary for selling food on the street, regardless of you are selling full time or part time. Every state might have various regulations to adhere to so seek advice from the local secretary of state to obtain guidance regarding these permits.

5 Best Garden Hose Reels To Use Today

Having a garden can be the best therapy you could ever get. It is a place where you can pass the time and just enjoy the beauty of nature. Taking care of your garden is one thing. One way to do this is water it every day.

When you water your garden of course you will need a hose to do that so for it to be not exhausting. Then you will need a garden hose reel. The best garden hose reel are on the market. There are many kinds to choose from.

In order for you to get more information about garden hose reels, we have here our top 5 for the best garden hose reel that you will find.

1.   Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel

Here’s the first on the list. This garden hose has four rubber feet that lets it stand steadily near any shrub in your garden. You need not mount it. The good part is it has a non-slip base. It is portable and easy for you to transfer the reel anywhere you want it to.

It looks good and is anti-rust with its diecast aluminium finish. Watering your garden will come easy with this free-standing garden hose reel. This type can easily be ordered online.

2.   Retractable Hose Reel

Another kind of hose reel is this retractable one. This product is convenient to use. It can be wall-mounted easily. You also will be able to remove it from the mount quickly. The retractable hose reel features an adjustable nozzle.

There’s an automatic guide on the hose to prevent it from overlapping. It retracts fast and has a stopper which is handy. You just have to pull out the hose whenever you need to garden your plants in the backyard.

3.    Navigator Rotating Garden Hose Reel

This rotating garden hose real is durable. It has a powder coat finish and is water resistant. The navigator rotating garden hose reel features a 90 degrees swivel that’s made of solid brass. It can stand any weather without the fear of rust.

There’s a service tray that’s included with this rotating hose reel. It is just perfect for garden since the tray serves as something that you can put your most used tools to. You can easily mount this item anywhere near your garden.

4.   Outdoor Hose Hideaway with Hose Guide – Durable Hose Storage Reel

Here’s another hose reel that’s convenient to use. This one is sure to last for all seasons. It’s got a durable resin design. You will find it easy to wind and unwind the hose because this hose reel has a slide-track hose guide. It also comes with a crank handle and your hose will be kink-free.

You can store your hose neatly with this hose reel. It has a really nice design that you are able to leave it at a corner in your garden. It is fully assembled so all you need to do is place it in a spot and you are ready for gardening.

5.   125′ Wicker Garden Hose Reel – Lightweight Portable Hands – Free Water Powered Retractable Hose Reel 

Last on the list is this retractable type of hose reel. This hose reel is automatic. You can work on it hands-free. When rewinding the hose, you just have to press a lever on the reel. This retractable hose reel matches your garden with its color.

The casing is made of a durable plastic and has a wooden color. Water is discharged automatically when rewinding the reel. This is just one hose reel that’s really worth getting. Gardening will be so easy.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it. Our top five best hose reels. You’ve got to make gardening fun. These hose reels are a great way to take it easy while gardening.

6 Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor cooking is an enjoyable experience. You might want to enjoy a family gathering or a host a small party with friends outdoors in your garden. You might even wish to spend your cozy family time in a weekend by cooking and eating outdoors while basking in the glory of the sun. For all such occasions it is important to have the basic utilities which facilitate cooking outdoors. Below are few such amazing and useful outdoor kitchen appliances which you can make use of.

  1. Grill

Perhaps the most important and useful outdoor kitchen appliance is the grill. Grills can be of different sizes and you need to install one that suits your space and cooking requirements. Different grill models come with different accessories and you can choose one according to your needs. If you are planning to host frequent parties then you might to choose a grill of a bigger size, like a 48-inch one. Otherwise a regular sized grill should serve you well.

  1. Griddles

Griddle is a cooking device which has a broad flat surface which can be heated by gas, electricity, wood or coal. It is quite useful when it comes to outdoor cooking. This is because you can make good use of both sides of the griddle. While one side with ridges can be used for grilling purposes, the plain side of the griddle can be used to cook eggs and pancakes. There are various griddles available in the market, but the one made from cast iron can make for the best outdoor griddle.

  1. Pizza Oven

If you have a pizza oven for outdoors, you can easily throw a pizza party every now and then. Pizzas are quick and easy to cook and loved by people of all ages. So having an outdoor pizza oven can make your outdoor cooking enjoyable. There are various different kinds of outdoor pizza ovens available in the market, and you can take your pick according to your cooking requirements and budget constraints.

  1. Jambalaya Pots

These pots are an essential utility when it comes to outdoor cooking. Jambalaya pots are flat bottomed cast iron pots which are available in different capacities, starting from 3 gallons to 1- gallons. You can have two or three of these of different capacities to help you cook for different number of people. These multifunctional pots can be used to prepare dishes like stoufee, gumbos, and soups while you are cooking for a good number of people. The inside of a Jambalaya pot is shaped concave, but even then it can be used on a regular propane burner.

  1. Sink

While many might not think about it, installing an outdoor sink can really help a lot before, after and during cooking. You can wash everything from vegetables to raw meat, and utensils. The sink can be used to wash and clean your hands as many times as you need during preparation and cooking. Installing an outdoor sink eliminates the need to head indoors for the smallest washing purposes.

  1. Refrigerator

Just like an outdoor sink, an outdoor refrigerator too makes for a convenient cooking appliance. You do not need to run into the house to grab a cold beverage, as you will have the facility outdoors. Many people prefer this added convenience of a refrigerator rather than a cooler.

Quality Telescopes You Can Have Without Stressing Your Pocket

There are two main types of telescopes to choose from. People who want to acquire their telescope should know the difference between the two. Telescopes are a great tool to purchase for people who love stars, planets, and space. Generally, telescopes are used for stargazing and watching space. Acquiring a telescope will surely provide an exciting hobby, especially for people who love stargazing, meteor showers, and shooting stars. Though there are many factors to consider before buying your telescope, one huge factor to consider is your budget. Telescopes are costly, especially high-powered telescopes used by professionals. Though if you are just a beginner. There are many affordable and quality telescopes available for you to purchase. You will have to find a shop or seller that sells variety and budget-friendly telescopes. It may be difficult to look for an affordable telescope, but it is beneficial. Especially for people who have a limited or low-budget. For beginners best telescope to buy to see planets and stars are affordable ones.

Types of Telescopes

There are two types of telescopes that you can choose from. One is refractor telescopes, which use lenses to gather and focus light. While a reflector telescope uses mirrors to collect and focus light. There are minor differences between the two. As they are both useful for stargazing and the likes. You can choose between the two. Depending on what you need or what you want. As each type can help you with your stargazing and planet gazing hobby. Their price is the only thing you will have to consider. Especially if you are under a tight budget. As reflector telescopes are more expensive than refractor telescopes. Choosing a telescope that fits your budget is a choice to make.

Quality and Budget-friendly Telescopes

You can find quality and budget-friendly telescopes if you search thoroughly. If you are patient enough, many shops put telescopes on sale. Due to the lack of demand, as telescopes are not frequently bought. You may also find people online. Try researching for quality and budget-friendly telescopes online. You may be lucky enough to find people who sell affordable telescopes. Finding a variety and budget-friendly telescope is the best deal. Especially for beginners and first-time telescope buyers.

Second Hand Telescopes

Brand new telescopes may be costly and damage your budget. Though people who can’t afford have other options. You can still purchase or acquire your telescope. From people who are selling their telescope. A second-hand telescope is still capable and useful for stargazing. Though when buying a second-hand telescope. You should check the equipment first. Make sure it is still intact and operational. You can test it first, to make sure it is working. You can then make your decision and buy if it works properly. This way you can have your telescope without paying too much money.


Quality telescopes are not cheap. You should check your budget. Especially if you want to buy a brand new telescope. Though there are many ways to acquire a budget-friendly telescope. You have to be patient enough to search for sellers who sell telescopes cheaper. As buying a budget-friendly telescope is the best way to start your telescoping hobby.

Ideas On How To Give Memorable Gift To A Gallivanter

For those of you who don’t know, gallivanters are outgoing people who go out to look for amusement or fun. They tend to go out and travel to other places to learn about different cultures and ways of life and a method of fun and learning. Of course, most of us have that one friend who almost traveled to any country, and we want to give him or her a gift for their birthday. As a person who does not go that much, it may seem to be a hard task to accomplish. Do not worry. We will guide you on how to give the best gift for your friend with itchy feet.

Gifts To Bring Along

Yes, that is the primary thing that comes into our minds when we are thinking of a gift for them. There is a lot of gifts to choose from out there that they can surely use on their travel. You may select a travel pouch on where they can place their valuables like cash, credit cards or their passport. Also, you can give them a handy pocket survival kit if they like to go outdoors and camps a lot. A small first aid pouch can be a viable option, for it shows that you care for them and wishes their safety during their travels.

Bucket List Gifts

Traveling is super expensive, we get that, and if we want to book them for one, surely it will burn a hole in our pockets. Of course, if you have the money to book them for one, then it will be genuinely appreciated. For the more “gallant” people, you can book a flight together with them to a place that they weren’t before. This way, you and your friends will create a lot of memories in that place that you intended to go.

What if you are short on resources? Then there is a workaround for that. You can bring them to excellent local places which only you know, and they weren’t before. Places like an exclusive bar or restaurant, remarkable yet hidden recreation sites and so on can be an inexpensive yet enjoyable option too. Travel does not need to be luxurious; what’s important is the memories that stay in your heart.

Gifts To Remember

If you are looking for a geschenkideen für mama, dad, friends or anyone who loves to travel, then there is a lot of options for that. Another thing that you can give are souvenirs that you bought on your travels. Giving them that, like a keychain from Ibiza, or a good wine from Bordeaux will surely tickle their feet to go there too. Sometimes, a little thing from the place you have been before will give them the motivation to visit it as well. This simple gift will turn into a catalyst for their next travel destination. And you are the key for another precious memory added into their hearts.


People who love to travel are sometimes hard to please. What I mean by that is, since they like to go, they may have experienced pretty much anything. Choosing the best gift for them might be an overwhelming task for most of us. The key here is to think outside the box and being creative in selecting the best one.

For most of us, the best gift that we can give them are memories that they will treasure in their lifetime. Going with them to their next destination is a subtle way of gift-giving (unless you paid for the trip). Thus, having a wonderful memory of the place together with you is one of the most treasured experience that they will ever get. It is not just them, but also you can enjoy and have a great time with them.

What To Do For Making Online Dating Profile Appear Catchy?

Profile matters a lot while you are trying to date someone online. It is your first impression on others which affect a lot. People get attracted to you if you have an eye-catching profile. It creates interest among people and wants to talk to you. Shallononline said that your profile describes you; it may speak all the things by itself that you want people to know about you. Add some pleasant things in it which people read whole your profile with the curiosity.

How to make this possible?


Choose a functional and attractive name for the online dating profile. This plays a significant role your catchy name attracts one to scroll your whole profile. This gives an exciting headline; it may be an interesting quote related to your character or suits your personality.

Profile photo

There should be a profile photo with a gracious smile and with other striking features. It should be a clear and solo photograph which is easily identifiable and show your beautiful features. This makes one remind of your face.

Expressive content 

Descriptive content should be written which contains all information in clear and straightforward. This make one understood quickly, and they study your entire profile. Explanatory material includes things that are your hobbies, your passion, job and some other things about you. This content gives you an opportunity to let others known that for whom you are searching (what kind of person). Ex that you mentioned there “candlelight dinner”, “long drive with partner” and so on.

Grammar and punctuation

Make sure that you are writing correctly with the appropriate use of grammar or punctuation in your profile. This highlights your intelligence by having strong written content. If you are sure that what you have written is appropriate then also you may read it carefully once and check the flow, that it sounds good or not. Shallononline says that mention exact spelling plays a vital role too.

Don’t be personal

Here are some things shallononline tells that you may mention but also remind that don’t provide your personal information like about families or any other particular thing which is not required. This composed your profile too unexcitingly and left your profile without study because they even don’t know about you and you are mentioning about your families also. Said only up to that who are you? And what things you love?

Share your story

This creates a centre of attention towards you. Post stories about some interesting facts like moved to a new city, while hanging out with a friend, family functions, travelling to another country, and about any other experiences you had. If you are facing many changes in your life and getting some new and several lessons, then you must share them online. Shallononline said that posting stories helps in starting a conversation with an unknown person. If they get something interesting, they make a reply to your story, and then you start chatting with them.

How to Plan a Small Birthday Party?

Parties are considered to be an event with fun and enjoyment. This is the major reason why parties are seen as large gatherings. However, that may not be what everyone wants. If you want to give someone a speciale verjaardagscadeau, arranging a small party for them with their close friends can be a great idea.

It is easy to arrange a small birthday party. Here are a few things that you need to do:

  1. Select your location

A small party is usually an intimate event and the location where this party is thrown should resonate perfectly with this idea. It can be a good idea to throw such a party at home, but if you don’t want that, finding a location needs to be the first step. Select a small and cozy place and make a booking well in advance to avoid any troubles later on.

  1. Prepare a guest list

As this is a small party, you might not be willing to invite a lot of guests over. However, it is important to still make a list of all the people that you are inviting. Once, the list is prepared, confirm with your guests if all of them are available that day because you might not want to miss on any of them.

  1. Make a formal invitation

Invitation cards are very important to make sure that all of your guests are able to get a formal note for the party. Include your name on the invitation and a subtle description of how the party is going to be like will help your guests understand your idea and come prepared according to that. Also, if you want your guests to bring something extra, like an extra pair of clothes, make sure to include this information in the invitation as well. Be specific about the location, date and time and put it very clearly on the invitation and make the reason for the party clear to them as well. You can print the invitations once they are ready and hand it over to your friends. Or you can also send an e-invite, but make sure they check it on time.

  1. Stock up the pantry

This is a very small party and your total guest list might not have more than ten people. However, when people come to a party, you will need to serve them. Get some food and drinks according to the dietary requirements of your guests. Take care of the special eating habits of everyone, like if someone is gluten intolerant, make sure you get some gluten free snacks. When you are inviting people for a small party, you need to make sure that all of them are enjoying.

  1. Do not forget entertainment

To make sure that your guests do not get bored, arrange for good music according to the taste of your guests. You can also include some fun events and games to keep your guests engaged. Make sure they have a fun time and do not feel bored because here are not so many people in the party.

Sleep Like A Baby

There are a number of advantages to owning a hammock. While hammocks have been around for a very long time, portable hammock stands are new and investing in them is a great option. One of the best things about a two person hammock is that it is easy to carry from one place to another mainly because it is light in weight and it can be folded. There are various reasons why you should invest in these hammocks.

One of the major advantages of investing in a hammock is that you can sleep in peace in them. If you hate camping mainly because you can’t sleep well, it’s time to set up your hammock and see how well you sleep the next time you camp. Hammocks have a slow rocking motion which helps to put you to sleep in no time. This is because it relaxes your muscles and keeps you calm.

Once you start sleeping on a hammock you will realize the benefits of it right away. With a hammock there is no need to flip it once every six months like you do with a mattress. All you need to do is sleep comfortably on the hammock and all your sleep related problems will go away. One of the things that the hammock gives you is an active mind. With a normal mattress there is usually some tossing and turning that happens before you get sleep. This causes your mind to think about lot as it tries to tire itself to sleep. Once your mind does that it does not wake up refreshed in the morning. Compare this to a hammock where you get sleep almost immediately. This means that your mind has no time to think about anything else. You will end up waking refreshed and renewed.

Hammocks don’t always need to be set up in the open; you can set them up indoors too. People often find it tough sleeping in someone else’s bed and if you are one such person, make sure to carry your hammock with you the next time you plan on sleeping at a friend’s place.

Switching from the age old mattress to a hammock is one of the best decisions you will ever make. While the biggest advantage of the hammock is solving your problem of lack of sleep there are other health benefits that are associated with the hammock as well.

There are a number of reasons why you need to consider investing in hammock stands. One of the main benefits of using these stands is that you can now set up your hammock wherever you want. Since these stands are portable, foldable and light in weight, you can take them with you on your trips and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Hammocks are extremely useful for people who have trouble sleeping at night. People have tried all sorts of remedies like listening to music, reading a book and many more. However if you do not get sleep there is nothing that you can do to force it to come.

Now Ride Around In Style

There are a number of people that love to get to places looking stylish. If you are one of those people and you are looking to make an impression each and every time then it’s time you hire a Limo. Not everyone considers hiring a Limo on a daily basis. However if you start going to work or your daughter goes to college daily in a Limo imagine the impression it would make. There are a number of benefits that a Limo rental has to offer and one of the major benefits is convenience. If you are looking for the best rent hummer limo service then it’s time that you go online and check the reviews for all the services that are on offer.

Once you are able to decide which Limo rental service is value for money you will be able to enjoy an amazing Limo ride and not stress about driving to and from work on a daily basis. Another trend that has started these days is the Hummer Limo. This magnificent beast looks amazing and will definitely make heads turn when you are on the road. The best part is you do not even need to drive this. All you need to do is sit in the backseat and let the driver will take care of the rest for you. You can just enjoy the ride and reach your destination very comfortably. All you need to do is make sure that you trust the right rental service because there are the number of rental services out there that would promise a lot and not deliver.

Another thing that parents are doing these days is hiring a limo for their children when they go to prom. If it is prom night and your daughter needs to get to prom you can ensure that she gets to the prom safely and get back home safely as well. This is because the limo rental service will ensure that she reaches safely and she is taken good care of. You can also hire a Limo in case you have to go out of town for the weekend and you do not want to take your car. All you need to do is book the rental service and the Limo will be at your doorstep to take you out of town and bring you back as well. While you may think that hiring a Limo is not affordable you couldn’t be more wrong. These days the right Limo rental service is very affordable and you will be able to enjoy the ride of your life time without burning a hole in your wallet.

People that used to stay away from limo rentals are now encouraging others to do so as well. This is because they have experienced firsthand how amazing a Limo ride can be. All you need to do is take a Limo ride today and change your mindset so that you can enjoy this smooth ride on a daily basis.

The Black Stripe: A New Approach to Social Networking

From the coattails of instant messenger, email, and internet dating services comes the 21st century’s most avid contribution to socialization as we know it: the networking website. SixDegrees (2001), Friendster (2002), WAYN (2002), the blockbuster MySpace (2003), and Facebook (2004) are only a few of the sites striving to build their population of users by connecting old friends and introducing new contacts via pictures, messages, events, and profiles containing anything from contact information and demographics to personal interests and public journals. Although, within the last few years Instagram has gained more popularity among the millennials making it worth mentioning. It is really easy for Instagram users to get followers on Instagram and expand their social circle. Launched in 2005 the black strip is another popular social media platform that is there.  

Now past the prime of half of a decade of web blogs and self-solicitation, the list of social sites is growing, while the demand for more features to set each site apart from another is pushed aside. Stewart King and Scott Rocher, creators of (2005), have personally encountered their share of networking sites that fail to hold their attention. After a few months of uploading pictures and seeking out contacts, the initial excitement dwindles while many users find themselves slowly disconnecting from a site that doesn’t do much else than mediate. What are these sites missing that will attract users to log on, and then hold their attention long enough to enjoy a beneficial experience once there?

With strong backgrounds in website development, King and Rocher launched a project with the goal of connecting old friends entering a new chapter in life after school with a site that provided a personal, enriching online experience. “I was out of college, my friends were scattered all across the country. I wanted us to all still have something in common,” said King.

With a goal in mind, the choice of which method to employ to channel a lucrative network was obvious. “The decision [to create a photo-sharing network] was based on the growth of the digital camera market in the last two years. It’s a real problem when you’ve got hundreds of pictures but haven’t got a way to organize and push them out to your friends. The Black Stripe takes care of that problem,” said Rocher.

The Black Stripe is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, making the site an easy transition for the more seasoned networking users. “The basic underlying structures are largely the same as any other social networking site. You have your little page with your profile and your pictures and your list of friends,” said King. For those who haven’t explored any social-networking site, the Black Stripe is as non-intimidating as they come. “We’ve designed the look and feel of the site to be ultra-friendly and super-clean – it’s probably the most important thing we can do – make the site easy to use,” said Rocher.

What the Black Stripe doesn’t share with sites like MySpace and Hi5, however, is the overwhelming feeling of networking as one small, insignificant user in a web of thousands of members. Although the highly-trafficked sites have optional privacy features that determine who can view your profile or contact you, features like these are easily rendered useless to a member eager to view your profile. The Black Stripe offers a comfortable, even intimate atmosphere of users looking to share photos. “The site is secure enough so users are required to log in, but at the same time, it’s open enough so anyone with an email address can join. Facebook requires a school, Friendster, and MySpace to make your profile too public. I think we’ve found a nice balance between security and features,” said Rocher.

Speaking of features, King and Rocher work continuously to implement ideas for new additions to the site. As a project still in its first year of release, current users enjoy submitting new ideas and watching their suggestions – along with King and Rocher’s continuous creativity – add to the experience of logging on. A “tagging” feature links members to photos and the profiles of their friends, and even sends membership invitations to other non-members included in posted pictures. Unlike other sites that have individual profiles for each user that are edited only by the profile owner, tagging a photo on The Black Stripe instantly links that photo to the profile of any network user associated with the picture. The result? Pictures that others have posted taken by or of a user will appear on multiple profiles, creating a deeper link in the network. “There’s a higher level of trust assumed between users. You can edit some of your friends’ information, re-caption some of their photos and so on. That’s risky, but I think it also promotes intimacy,” said King.

The Black Stripe succeeds at promoting this level of “intimacy” to users without excluding curious spectators. Non-registered viewers have the ability to view photos of their registered friends without setting up membership. Outside viewers, however, do not have the ability to edit photo features or view detailed information about the photo. This keeps the site obtainable to the public while limiting membership to those who take full advantage of the site’s features, as opposed to those who just log in to view photos.

Members can message each other, create individual friend lists, and post as much or as little information as desired on their personal profile. A feature on each user’s home profile page keeps track of friends that have logged in recently. A frequently updated “News” section informs members of the latest features and issues on the site. A newly-added photo scroller displays the ten most recently added photos for all to see.

“There are a lot of features that seem to come to mind when you cross photo sharing with social networking,” said Rocher. “We’ve got a few travel-related features that will help you keep track of where your friends are going and see photos from trips they’ve been on.” The travel features are still in testing mode, but soon users will be able to add details, pictures, travel companions, and lists of friends who visited past, present, and upcoming adventures. But The Black Stripe’s growth won’t stop there. With membership growing and new ideas developing into reality at a rapid pace, users are in for a more enriching experience with every login to The Black Stripe.

Facebook and Twitter Meet Foursquare

Already being heralded as the new twitter, foursquare was presented March 9,2009 at the monthly New York tech Meetup by the co-founder of the formal social networking game, Dodgeball. The social networking game launched nationally at the south-by-south west festival in Austin, Texas links the real world to the tech world. The way it works is through an app downloaded to your phone, or via SMS text message to “check in” or announce your location. The game is presently running in 21 cities internationally and you announce bars, museums, restaurants, or clubs as you are at them. Points are earned for visiting places and you can also check up on the location of your friends.

Foursquare currently has an iphone app, android app, mobile web site for blackberry and treo, and has a SMS shortcode for texting check ins. Points are earned by checking into new places and badges are given for rewards for doing interesting things such as staying out late on a weeknight, or going outside your neighborhood. Users can create tips for certain bars or hotspots and the most frequent visitors of establishments are donned the “mayor”. Users are allowed to choose establishments as their favorite, post recommendations, and rewards trying new things.

Presently the only real payoff of earning the most points or becoming mayor of a bar or restaurant are bragging right. As the technology catches on and improves I could very likely see establishments offering incentives and prizes to top frequent guests and tying them in with other promotions.

The developers plan on rolling out the program into 50 more cities and welcome feedback to improve the service. The cities they chose to expand to were based on requests and discussions on how to buy twitter followers .

Arguably foursquare is not only a god send to local business owners, but will likely solve one of the main problems people purport about the digital age: a lack of social contact.

The problem of stalking and hiding your location from those you don’t want to find you is easily circumvented by “checking in” to your location privately. You may also do this if you are on a date, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the game. The game is more interesting the more friends you have to meet up with and compete against.

The benefits that marketers, promoters, and business owners stand to gain are enormous if this product gains traction. In addition to facebook and twitter the data from this game helps a great deal in gathering typical demographic statistics and resolving or exposing errors.

The Hidden Handbag Hazard

Women of the world, each time you sling those necessaries over your shoulder, you invite the hidden handbag hazard. Is your curiosity aroused? Great! Let’s explore what danger lurks in yonder purse.

Hidden Handbag Hazard – Overstuffed

Is your handbag overstuffed as the winner of a pie-eating contest at a county fair?

If you said, “Yes, Bonnie it is,” it’s time to lighten the load and give your sore shoulders and stiff neck a well deserved rest. After several years of toting a fat purse on your dominant shoulder, one shoulder is higher than the other. At day’s end, your back screams with pain, due to abnormal spine alignment. In addition, the action of constantly swinging your handbag over your shoulder creates neck tension.

If you’re experiencing these hidden handbag hazards, a trip to the chiropractor is in order. He/she will align your spine and massage those aching shoulders and creaking neck.

The American Chiropractor Association deems that purses should weigh-in at three pounds, or less. Also, experts concur that women should clear out their handbags weekly.

Now this can be quite difficult for a women’s purse is full all the time with smartphone, make up kit, hair brush and other accessories as they are no less than a safe for women, where these items are no less than their governmental property. They discuss it during kitty parties as though they are exchanging luxurytastic information amongst each other with the handbag constantly by their side.

Hidden Handbag Hazard – Danger Lurks in Yonder Purse

Are you ready to clean out your purse and confront the hidden handbag hazard? Here are a few helpers, things to toss, things to store and things to keep.

  1. Accumulated Coins – remove them from your purse and store them in a pretty container. I have a hand-painted porcelain jar to keep my coins in until enough accumulate to convert to paper money. This action alone will lighten your daily load. Do it once a week faithfully.
  2. Paper Money – keep it, but be aware that germs thrive on paper money. Flu germs can live on paper money for up to three days. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly after handling paper money.
  3. Expired Makeup – toss it after three months to alleviate infection. Especially eye makeup; tainted eye makeup harbors dangerous bacteria, which can cause skin infection. If makeup looks or smells funny, toss it.
  4. Papers – toss any receipts, worthless scraps of paper, expired coupons, etc. Valuable tip: make a copy of credit cards, driver’s license, etc. and store it somewhere safe. (Ooops! Excuse me. I took my own advice several years ago. But I have absolutely no idea where I put the copies.)
  5. Pockets – keep your absolute necessaries, like keys, cell phone and wallet in separate pockets of your handbag. By assigning each item a home, you’ll no longer fumble for your phone, keys or money.

Hidden Handbag Hazard – Bacterial Accumulation

Without doubt, the most hazardous part of women’s purses is the bottom! Think about it. Do you plunk your handbag on the floor of public restrooms, restaurants, or on tables and counters at home? If so, you are inviting dangerous bacteria to invade your life.

In a mall-study where a team took samples from the bottom of 50 handbags, 1 out of 4 handbags contained E. Coli. (The E. Coli bacteria may culminate in serious abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea.)

Ideally, public establishments should provide hooks on bathroom doors to hang our purses, but in a study I performed, 4 out of 10 bathroom doors were hook-less.

Keeping these statistics in mind, it is prudent to carry Clorox wipes in your handbag. Give it a swipe, especially the bottom of your purse, several times a day. Then, clean the outside of your handbag thoroughly with soap and water or germicidal spray weekly.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub

I go through an entire tube of facial cleaning scrubs in about 3 weeks. I use them morning, noon and night. I love them. I love how they make my skin feel, I love how they keep oil, dirt and residue off of my mug, and I love how fresh they make me feel after I use them.

Recently I went through a tube of Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, so of course I was on a quest to purchasing a new cleanser. I like trying new things, so I went with Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. I found it sitting on a shelf at my local Walmart with a $5.99 price tag. It was a bit higher in price compared to what I usually pay for facial scrubs, but after popping the pop up cap and giving it a sniff, I bought it.

I liked the smell. It reminded me of mint and cool water, when combined the scent was uplifting and energizing. I knew it was something that would kick slam me into full motion in the morning.


Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub comes in a stand up tube like most scrubs you can find on the market. The initial color of the gel is a pretty transparent blue with small blue micro beads, and white beads that seemed to be smaller and crushed. For impressive appearance, Treat your droopy nose with botox for droopy nose tip treatment. The appearance of the person will be excellent through the use of the treatment.

I knew these beads all to well. They are packed in nearly every scrub I had ever used. They are very gentle on the skin, and easily wash away.

My Use:

First I splashed my face with water, and then applied about a dime sized amount of Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub onto my palms. I then scrubbed the gel into my face gently. Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub is a bit more abrasive then most scrubs I have used, but it was still gentle enough for my skin type. Those with very sensitive skin may have an issue with this scrub.

Anyhow, as I began scrubbing the blue gel around and around I noticed that the whole ‘foaming’ aspect of the scrub was not working. Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub did not foam at all. It was no big deal for me honestly…but I wonder why they put ‘foaming’ in with the products title name.


My skin felt fresh, fantastic, alive, breathing, and very. very clean. I could smell the minty scent it left behind, and I liked it. I liked it enough for another purchase…but then…I looked in the mirror…and goddammit I had dry skin.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub dried me out so badly that I could see my skin beginning to flake up. This stuff was harsh, and I knew if it dried my skin like this, odds were it would be awesome when it came to combating acne.

I was wrong.

I used Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub for about a week, and noticed small pimples on my forehead and chin. I’m not entirely sure I can blame it on Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub, because I always tend to get small pimples on my face every now and then. However, I feel that Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub should of kept the acne at bay the way my Morning Burst Scrub did.


I liked how rejuvenated Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub made my skin feel, and I adored the energizing scent. Sadly though Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub dried out my skin too much, and did not help in keeping acne away.

For me, I feel that Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub caused the acne, but I cannot point the finger and accuse the acne on Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub 100%.

Secrets to Relieve Lower Back Pain

We have all experienced at least once in our lives lower back pain. Lower back pain is caused by a variety of reasons and very seldom will a back pain go unnoticed, the pain will most likely be so acute that it will demand prompt attention.

Here are a few ways you can alleviate lower back pain so you can go about managing your daily activities as soon as possible. There are several kinds of lower back pain and to discover appropriate relief you want to figure out precisely what induced the pain and what may be damaged; for instance, obesity will cause lower back pain due to excessive weight and pressure on your back muscles. A couple of other examples would be using an uncomfortable mattress, it will cause lower back pain, sitting uncomfortably in your chair at work or in the car can cause lower back pain, pregnancy can sometimes cause intensive lower back pain. A slip disc is also another cause for lower back pain, that can be extremely painful. Every one of these causes undergo very different treatments to alleviate lower back pain and consequently the cause of your back pain must be determined by a qualified physician.

Treatments to Relieve Lower Back Pain

There are several kinds of treatments to relieve lower back pain such as, applying creams topically or ice/hot patches, which can last up to 16 hours, these patches are often used by athletes who are presented with lower back pain due to excessive exercise. Some other treatments are sprays and of course painkillers such as, Tylenol, Aleve or Advil, however, none of these should be taken without your doctors okay. Many treatments to alleviate lower back pain can be found in nonprescription at your local pharmacy but the reason for consulting your MD is to assure that you are obtaining the correct treatment. The treatments to alleviate lower back pain are normally harmless however an injury left untreated can bring about additional complications and that is a chance you shouldn’t be taking by guessing the cause of your back ache and ingesting the incorrect medications. Spine surgery in Austin TX also recommends to carefully check the product that you will apply before using it.

A treatment that many doctors prescribe for patients that experience back pain is exercise, exercises such as, Yoga and Pilates, which require a good deal of stretching will assist in relieving lower back pain, especially if you are suffering from a muscle strain or are over weight.

As you can see there are many treatments that may be beneficial if you are suffering from back pain but once again do not try any of these treatments with out first making an appointment with your doctor.

Can You Repair Sun Damaged Skin?

If you spent too much time in the sun when you were younger, you may be paying for it now with skin that looks rough and weathered with fine lines, wrinkles, and areas of increased pigmentation. Not only can sun damaged skin look rough, it may lack firmness due to decreased collagen production. Even more concerning is the fact that skin damaged by the sun’s rays is more susceptible to skin cancer including the most serious form, malignant melanoma. Is there any way to repair sun damaged skin?

Probably the most effective treatment option for repair of sun damaged skin is the use of topical retinoids. Creams containing retinoids have been shown to be effective for treating the signs of sun damage including fine lines and wrinkling, rough skin texture, and areas of increased pigmentation. It may even have some effect on skin laxity due to its ability to stimulate new collagen production, the basic support structure for the skin. Your Facelift Michigan Clinic of Choice will provide services as per the requirements of the clients. If there is excessive fat on the face, then there can be the need of the surgery. 

While you can buy products at your local drugstore that contain small quantities of retinoids, these aren’t as effective as the prescription formulations which contain higher concentrations of the active ingredients. Prescription retinoids can cause skin irritation in some people especially when you first start to use them, but their ability to repair sun damaged skin has been demonstrated in numerous studies. Unfortunately, to maintain results, retinoids must be used indefinitely which can get expensive. You also have to use them for several months before you’ll start to see results.

On a cautionary note, retinoids make the skin more photosensitive meaning it’s important to wear sunscreen on any areas where you apply them. Although there are moisturizers that contain vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids that may cause some improvement in skin texture, if your skin is heavily damaged by the sun, it’s unlikely you’ll see significant improvement using these moisturizers alone.

If your skin is severely sun damaged, retinoids are still a good option, but you may not get the degree of improvement you’re looking for. If you fall into this category, you may want to see a dermatologist and explore the possibility of doing a series of skin peels or laser resurfacing on your damaged skin. These procedures can significantly improve sun damaged skin while helping to boost collagen production for firmer looking skin. These procedures are a more expensive option for repair of sun damaged skin but may be worth it.

Whichever option you choose to repair sun damaged skin, it’s important that you invest in a good sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVA B light protection to avoid further damage. This is particularly true if you plan on using retinoids to repair sun damaged skin. It’s also important to check your skin regularly for any suspicious skin lesions that could be precancerous.

How Does Indoor Tanning Affect Hair?

Although it is often said that indoor tanning is “out,” there are still many people who debate whether or not they want to go in a tanning bed. Most people are aware of the fact that tanning, especially without protection, can cause you to experience cancer, leathery skin and various adverse side effects after you have done it for years. What effect does indoor tanning have on hair though? Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before making the decision to try out indoor tanning for yourself.

Indoor Tanning Can Dry Out the Hair

Much the same way that indoor tanning can dry out the skin, it can also dry out your hair. Most people believe that indoor tanning dries out the hair even more than going to the beach for a day. In order to combat dry skin, many people use a moisturizing lotion after they have been tanning. It would be in your best interest to use a good moisturizing conditioner if you plan to tan indoors. This is especially true if you dye your hair on a regular basis, as it may already be a little bit dried out to begin with.

Indoor Tanning Can Lighten the Hair

If you spend hours outside in the sun with peroxide and lemon juice in your hair, the good news is indoor tanning can lighten the hair. However, if you would like to keep your dark locks, then this is not necessarily a good thing. Also keep in mind that many people find that tanning salons can cause their gray streaks to shine through their dye. For most people who want to try to cover up gray hair, this is a highly undesirable effect of indoor tanning. If you are also looking for premium laser hair removal treatment in Brampton, there are certainly a lot of service providers available.

How to Prevent Indoor Tanning From Damaging Your Hair:

One of the things that you may be wondering is whether or not there is any thing that you can do to prevent indoor tanning from damaging your hair. Luckily, you can prevent yourself from experiencing any type of damage from indoor tanning at all. All that you need to do is use a scarf or a bandanna to cover up the hair. Once the damage has already occurred, you will want to be sure to use a good moisturizing conditioner. You may also need to use a leave-in conditioner.

Although most people do not even think about whether or not the hair may be affected by tanning, there is a good chance that it will be. Dryness and lightness are just two of the different ways in which indoor tanning can affect your own hair. However, do keep in mind that there are ways to prevent yourself from experiencing this indoor tanning effect, such as wearing a scarf or bandana to cover up the hair and using moisturizing conditioner once the damage has already occurred.

How to Buy Wii Fit and Find Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii is simply a revolution in video gaming for all ages. The Wii target’s a wide audience of people and brings unlikely people to the video gamer world. Many people are looking for a way to access the best-priced games and the best overall games for cheap. So in this article, you will learn how to find cheap Nintendo Wii games and how to buy Wii Fit for a good price. Don’t get scammed by marketers and high retail prices in the store. Find out how to get the most out of your money, when you’re buying Nintendo Wii essentials for the holiday season.

Buy Nintendo Wii Games Cheap!!! Find And Buy Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

With the costs of everything going up, you deserve to get a few discounted Nintendo Wii games. The first word of advice is to not buy the first games you see. Shop around all the possible resources and then make a decision, after you have gathered how much the games will cost. Go online and start checking top sites for discounted games. Try your search out at and you will find a wide assortment of cheap Nintendo Wii games. The next site to try is, of course,, where you can bid on a good deal on a cheap Wii game or even finding a bundle package of cheap Nintendo Wii games. You will need to create an account and obtain a Paypal account.

Next, travel down to the closest Eb Games or Gamestop in your area and browse through their selections. The key to getting cheap Nintendo Wii games here is to go for the used games. The used games are half the price of a new game or even cheaper. Sometimes the games are actually priced under $10. These games are just as good as new games because these stores won’t accept them if they are not playable. If you don’t need to get a game the day it comes out, you can wait a month until it is half price. Trade some of your old games in at these stores to gain store credit or get cash. Although they don’t give you to much for a used game. Cheap Nintendo Wii games can be found at a lot of department stores, especially for the holiday season. Try places like Walmart, K-mart, Meijers, and Target to find cheap Wii games and Wii remote controllers. Moreover, you can also explore games at cheap prices like this. There are tons of games that are really popular but you can not afford them. You have Minecraft and best shaders for minecraft that can get really expensive but following the above methods, you can surely save a lot on this. 

Buying Nintendo Wii Games: Find And Buy Wii Fit

Wii Fit is hoping to change the whole outlook on gaming forever. The question for everyone this holiday season is how do you buy Wii Fit if they are all sold out everywhere? First, you need to try using as many reliable online sources as you can such as eBay, Google, Amazon, and whatever site you find that’s legitimate. Be careful when you try to buy Wii Fit online because a product in such high demand is vulnerable to high scams. On the search engines that you use, look for a category for price selection and define how much your willing to spend. Many people want to buy Wii Fit, so you might have to pay a little more if you absolutely need it before Christmas. There is a huge waiting list if you only want to pay retail price when you want to buy Wii Fit.