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Build Your Facebook Audience By Asking For Connections

Just Ask!

I was working on the “Social Media Tip of the Week” when I got an email from someone in my network, Stacy Schalk with Zingify, asking me to “like” her business page. We have been colleagues for a while and I even helped her with her Facebook page, so I was really surprised when I clicked on her link and saw that my business page had not liked her business page. It sounds really simple but is often overlooked. This blog is about asking for the connection.

  1. Why is it important to grow your fan base on social media?

Social media, and in this case, Facebook, is designed for exponential exposure to your message. That means every time you post something on your business page, it shows up on the newsfeed of everyone who likes your page, including your personal page. Besides that, there are multiple agencies like Voy Media, that are there to help you with your business strategies as they deal with everything related to your social media pages. 

  1. Why connect to people in your real-life network on your social media platforms?

Most of us work hard on our professional connections. We want others to know, like, and trust us as the ethical industry experts we are. So if we are using inbound marketing to connect with our audience, why wouldn’t we want to integrate our in-person network with the presence we’ve created online? Given the insights described above, imagine the increased power of your reach when your online audience includes people you interact with on a regular basis. If I see a post on my newsfeed from someone in my network, I am more likely to share that post on my page than I would a post from someone I do not know.

  1. Why is asking for the connection such a powerful tool to build your presence?

Have you ever heard the concept, “ask for the sale”? You’ve presented a convincing pitch for your product/service, your prospect is interested in what you have to offer, what do you do next? Ask for the business. It is so simple many of us miss it entirely. If you want people to connect with you online and help you expand your reach, ask for it.

You can take it a step further. If you belong to a group or have a strong network of business connections, send an email asking everyone to like your page. Put your Facebook business page link on the email to go directly to your page and like it. But don’t stop there. Ask everyone to respond with their Facebook business page URL so everyone else in the group can like each other’s pages. This may sound like a “mutual admiration society” but remember the analytics described above and how 200 likes can translate into over 6000 people per week seeing your posts.

Most business people now realize they need a business page on Facebook to promote their products and services and enhance their online presence. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, we suggest you set one up and use it regularly to connect with your audience. If you need help setting up your page, please reach out to a social media professional.