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Budget Planning for a Vacation

Planning your budget for a vacation doesn’t have to be a painful process. Even if you’re traveling light in the wallet, you can still have a fantastic trip. First, gather your list of costs for “must see” attractions and events, then use creative ways to painlessly cut corners so you can get the most fun from your cash.

Budget Planning for a Vacation

Travel Budget Calculator

Independent Traveler created an online calculator where you can plug in all of your trip expenses, then tabulate a vacation budget at the push of a button. The form lists all of the common travel expenses like air and hotel, plus things you might not consider before your trip, like small admission fees and tolls. You can plan your spending down to the smallest detail.

Budget Planning for a Vacation

Three Unique Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

Search for consolidator airfares. Consolidators are plane tickets that are purchased by brokers from airlines at negotiated rates. The discounts are then passed on to consumers as the tickets are sold to consumers at discount pricing.

The Travel Channel’s Lori Rothschild suggests several uncommon ways to save money when travelling. First, Ms Rothschild recommends checking regional airports near major metro locations within driving distance to shave big dollars off flight costs.

Budget Planning for a Vacation

Lowering Lodging Costs

Check extended-stays or temporary apartment rentals, sometimes they’re considerably less expensive than hotels. If you are staying in a hotel, discuss the added room charges in advance and see if any unnecessary charges or services can be omitted.