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BTE Hearing Aids – Are the Mail Offer as Good as it Sounds

Most people would fear buying a BTE hearing aid from a professional as it would be pretty costly. Getting the hearing aid by mail-order might seem an easier option considering the convenience of ordering without having to roam around and also enjoy the privacy of your home. It might seem a better deal as one would be saving on the doctor’s visit. But how sure can one be if the deal is what it seems to be or like always, would it be “too good to be true”. You can go through the latest hearing hero reviews to understand why it is the best option that you have got for yourself. 

Irrespective of where you are buying it from, ensure that the hearing aids meet the FDA guidelines. Some of the aids that are available cheaply are basically listening devices that only help modify sound. These are cheap, in price as well as quality and could be available for less than $7 per ear. If you are purchasing the device from a seller without going through a certified ENT doctor, the seller would demand you to sign a waiver to be kept with them as per the FDA regulations. This makes the buyer solely responsible for the dealings and its aftermath. After all it is the buyer’s own decision to get the BTE hearing aid device by mail instead of being fitted by an EBT specialist.

Hearing aid sellers are required to have the results of the hearing test and should not sell the aid even by mail without this result. These tests can be done even by an audiologist, who is basically trained to test on hearing. As they are not medically qualified, they cannot determine the illness or the medical condition. But can give an audio-gram which is helpful in adjusting the settings of a hearing aid.

If you are still bent upon buying through mail order, you may find some good deals on eBay. These BTE hearing aids could prove to be a good deal if you can’t afford the more expensive devices or do not plan to blow a hole in your pocket for just one product. A Bel tone brand of hearing aid, whose original cost is more than $1000 was reconditioned and sold for less than $70 on eBay recently. Siemens, a well known brand are the makers of High Power 278 BTE and Siemens Infinity Pro which costs around $200 and $400 respectively on eBay. The other Siemens model that is available is the Siemens Intuits which is a completely digital aid, equipped with directional microphones, auto phone device and noise reduction technology. Charged in the retail market at $1800, the Intuits is available on eBay at $499. Other similar devices with same features at a retail price of $2200 in the open market, is available for as low as $399. Signing a waiver form is mandatory for all these purchases.

Buying BTE hearing aids from mail sources might be advantageous, but it always pays to explore other possibilities. Find out the features available for what you are paying. Spending a few hundred dollars may seem better than a thousand, but if the product does not deliver the desired result, it could end up being a few hundred dollars wasted!