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Best Christmas Gifts For Men This Year

The countdown is approaching for the holiday shopping season. There are still many Christmas wishes to fulfill and none of them are free. If you’re looking for great Christmas gift ideas for men, then this is the perfect place to see what the hottest products are. I’m a fellow man and when it comes to knowing what the best gift ideas are for our gender, no one does it better. It takes years to want these presents and even more years to actually get them. Such is the pain I share for the male gender during the Christmas shopping days. We’re known for our persistence and being blunt on what we want – in a subtle way. Since being blunt and subtle at the same time makes no sense, we tend to fail to get the gifts we want. Not that we don’t try. Here’s a list of 5 ideas of some of the best Christmas gifts for men, known for being best-sellers, highly praised by critics, and easy to buy online.

Amazon DVD – George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya (2008) – $14.99

The late George Carlin made a lasting impact in the world of comedy. His skill with language and his ability to make us laugh (especially the men) while learning the truth behind topics about death, politics, religion, and many other pressing issues. This DVD is the final HBO special that this legendary comedian has ever performed in; it was nominated for an Emmy award since it aired in March, 2008.

This DVD contains a three hour interview with George Carlin and special features of influential shows that the man has done in his life, which really reminded me of his most famous routine, the “seven dirty words.” Although he has passed away on June 22nd, 2008, his name will reign as the king of black comedy. The DVD is $14.99, saving you 25% from the original offer. Amazon also offers a free shipping feature for certain products. Take advantage of it here.

But if you want to choose something stylish, you can opt to get a thin minimalist wallet. Gone are the days for bulky and huge wallets. They are now out of fashion. So it is better to consider minimalist wallet as a gift. – Dad Letterhead Frame – $14.99

Many men are fathers so it’s not a bad idea to show him how much you appreciate it during the Christmas holidays. This is the perfect sentimental gift – affordable, gift-wrapped, and practically timeless. It’s something you can hang in the house that will capture the Christmas spirit every season to come.

The frames are made of wood and hold 4 x 6 photos. The great thing about this present is that it is personalized; you can purchase it for your mom as well. The possibilities are endless because you choose the defining family photograph. Speaking from experience, my father loved the sentimental and gifts that brought back memories more than the same old present people give guys every year. Order it here online at for only $14.99 and get it gift-wrapped.

Super Martial Arts Supplies – Free Standing Kick Bag Original Wavemaster- $126.00

Almost every man is a fan of the martial arts and dreams of being one of the best. I myself am a martial artist, specializing in boxing and taekwondo, so I can speak from experience that Christmas is not just a day of getting fatty chocolate presents and other delicacies. The New Year is a time for many resolutions and promises to improve fitness and health. This martial arts free standing kick bag is the perfect way to stay in shape and hone fighting techniques.

It is professionally made with durable vinyl and built for hard impact – usable by both children and adults. It can be practiced without a partner when it is hung, and it can even be modified in softness for different training. Buy it here for $126.00, an offer saving you $34.00.

Prince of Persia – Xbox 360, PS3, PC – $59.99

Every true man has an unstoppable gaming spirit within himself. One of the hottest games of the next-generation platforming genre is Prince of Persia for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It’s been called by IGN as a sure contender for Game of the Year and by the unique graphics style and gameplay, it is surely a winner title.

Buy it here at the GameStop online store for $59.99 – the limited edition. Make sure you specify the right console. Action, fantasy, adventure, and even more action awaits.

Amazon – One For All URC8820 8-Device Universal Remote Control – $16.27

Every man wants power – the power to control many things at once with a single device. Fulfill that wish this Christmas buy buying him this amazing universal remote control. It works with most major brands of audio and video equipment, has surround sound, can be gift-wrapped, and even has DVR functionality built in.

Purchase it here at Not only is this a great Christmas gift idea for a guy; it benefits the whole family. You can now have a relaxing holiday experience with your family in the living room, all at the convenience of one remote control. Don’t forget to let him have the remote, or the whole purpose of the gift is defeated.

There you have it; five spectacular gifts built for men of all ages and places. Don’t disappoint them because these gifts are some of the best of the year.

Best of luck shopping.