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A Guide for DIY Painting Projects

There is no easier way to make a dramatic difference in your home than by changing the color of your paint. Though it is the type of project that most people feel comfortable with, a few simple and easy tricks can help make your project cheaper, longer lasting and more professional looking.

Choosing the Perfect Color

When it comes to deciding on your new paint color the number of choices can be overwhelming. The key is to choose a color that will work with your existing flooring, furniture and moldings. If it does not, you will have turned this quick and low-budget project into a complete redesign! Other factors to consider when choosing your color are the amount of natural light, purpose of the room and age of the people using the room. While bright pink may be a suitable choice for your young daughter’s room, it is probably not the right shade for your home office.

Many of the paint manufacturers offer excellent design tips and even virtual paint centers on their websites. These can be useful in helping you to establish a general palette for the room and will help you to choose your shades with confidence.

Choosing the Right Finish

Are you walking on eggshells trying to choose the right finish? Knowing the benefits of each finish will help you to determine the right one for the job. In general, the various finishes differ only by their durability and shine. A matte paint has low shine but may be damaged by cleaning. Flat enamel will also have low shine but will hold up well to cleaning so it is better used in high-traffic areas. Eggshell, semi-gloss and glossy paints are all easily cleaned and suitable for high-humidity environments such as kitchens and bathrooms but differ in the amount of reflection they cast. Be careful also to consider the surface you are painting when choosing the finish – the lower the shine of paint, the more it will camouflage surface imperfections.

Preparing for Paint

Properly preparing the room and the surfaces you are painting will save you time and money and will also add years to the finish. Begin by removing all furniture from the room or arranging it in the center (if space allows). Next, remove all hardware from the area you are painting. These may be things like doorknobs, electrical outlet covers or lighting fixtures. While it may seem easy to paint around these obstacles, the overall finish will look much cleaner if they are removed and re-mounted after the paint has dried. Rough or raised areas should be lightly sanded and be sure to fix any small holes or cracks in the walls with the right products prior to painting. No amount of paint will hide these imperfections! Carefully mask all of your moldings and trim with painter’s tape and use a good drop cloth to avoid any unwanted drips on your floor.

Priming  amp; Painting

After the surfaces have been prepared it is time to prime your surface. Though it may seem like extra work, using a primer will add durability to your finish and also reduce the number of coats required to get a smooth, even finish. Primers are especially important if you are making a dramatic color change or if you are using a dark topcoat color. They also make the finish more grease and mildew resistant which is especially important in kitchens and bathrooms.

Once the primer has dried you can begin the most satisfying part of the project: applying your new color. Be sure to mix the paint well prior to using it and concentrate on applying thin, even layers as opposed to one thick layer. Use an angled brush to cut in your edges and in corners, and a roller for the broader regions. Telescopic poles that attach to the roller cages are useful for high walls or ceilings and can make the job easier on your back. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. For you to be successful in doing DIY projects like this, it is important to use the right tools and equipment. You can buy Dewalt Impact Driver Range at IMPCTDRIVERGUIDE. The store offers you the right and high quality tools that you need so you can do your project successfully.