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9 Astounding drug testing tips for Human Resource Professionals

Addiction to drugs has increased, which is the main reason why companies conduct a drug test. Human Resource professionals play a vital role in the organization and help an organization to grow.  These professionals are considered as trusted advisors that offer guidance on various topics like benefits, staffing, employee engagement, and compensation. The critical tool that human resource professionals consider in considering the high-performance employees is the drug test program. According to research, it has been found that nearly 67% of employed people are drug users.

By conducting an effective drug test program, the HR department is able to make a decision on hiring the best and sober people. One such way of conducting drug tests is detox drinks, to know more about it visit . No doubt, HR does a lot of hard work and help the company to overcome this challenge of choosing the best and drug-free candidates. Here, in this article, we will look into some helpful and useful drug testing tips:

  • When to conduct the test and on whom

Obviously, there are several reasons for the conduction workplace drug test. The pre-employment drug test is considered to check the ability and talent of the employee, and negative results help in employment. The drug test can be done on random people whom you need to be tested. This process can be conducted during the normal workday and must not be proclaimed in advance. 

  • You will decide what kind of test needs to be conducted.

The drug testing method highly depends on your requirements and needs. The most common method used for drug testing is hair, oral fluid, urine, and instant. The HR department needs to hire the people who conduct the test and get knowledge of what will be suitable according to needs. 

  • Use drug tests to monitor frequently detected drugs.

The drug testing program must be followed in organizations, and companies must use the guidelines from the program to the workplace. Depending on the employee demographics, regional patterns of drug use, and job type, you can desire to adopt a drug-testing program that fits the following factors. 

  • Know the risks of not conduction drug testing program

The trend of consuming drugs has been increased and is present in the workforce as well. The list of highly consumed drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines has been increased. There are risks that can happen if you have an employee that is high on these drugs. It is better to consider the pre-employment drug test without even informing employees. 

  • Set a definition for drug testing window

To achieve better results and comprehensive screening, you must define the drug testing pattern. To define this, the company needs to determine whether it is testing for recent use or long-term drug use. This will specify the types of drug test and will recommend you if the combination of drug test works best for your needs.

  • Choose who will conduct the drug test.

The decision to choose who will be conducting the drug test depends on the type of drug test being conducted. Come companies choose both specimen collection and administering of drug tests to happen at a place of the testing facility. Some companies wish to gather some or all drug test specimens to provide ease with tests conducted at the workplace. 

  • Must scrutinize and modernize drug testing policy recurrently

Changes take place every day; therefore, scrutinizing and updating the drug testing policy is imperative. This is considered a superior business practice and updates must reflect standards and guidelines that are set according to federal and state laws. Also, one must have complete knowledge of the drug testing policy to ensure you are updated regularly.

  • Offer training programs for supervisors.

As already said, the changes occur every day in policies, and the members of the organization must be updated with them. It is crucial to provide training to supervisors to help them know the updates. It will help them in identifying the warning signs at the early stage of substance abuse. Training programs must involve information regarding health insurance plans, assistance programs, and how the employees can receive help. 

  • Be transparent about the reason for the conduction drug test.

New employees must be aware of the drug testing policy, which is mandatory before employment. The conversation must explain that those employees who have negative results will be considered for employment. After hiring the candidates, they must know about the random drug testing policy of a company that can take place at any time. 

Substance abuse must be stopped in workplaces as it harms the productivity of employees and can also destroy the business’s growth. The HR department must take pre-employment drug testing to ensure there are only potential employees in the company.