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6 Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor cooking is an enjoyable experience. You might want to enjoy a family gathering or a host a small party with friends outdoors in your garden. You might even wish to spend your cozy family time in a weekend by cooking and eating outdoors while basking in the glory of the sun. For all such occasions it is important to have the basic utilities which facilitate cooking outdoors. Below are few such amazing and useful outdoor kitchen appliances which you can make use of.

  1. Grill

Perhaps the most important and useful outdoor kitchen appliance is the grill. Grills can be of different sizes and you need to install one that suits your space and cooking requirements. Different grill models come with different accessories and you can choose one according to your needs. If you are planning to host frequent parties then you might to choose a grill of a bigger size, like a 48-inch one. Otherwise a regular sized grill should serve you well.

  1. Griddles

Griddle is a cooking device which has a broad flat surface which can be heated by gas, electricity, wood or coal. It is quite useful when it comes to outdoor cooking. This is because you can make good use of both sides of the griddle. While one side with ridges can be used for grilling purposes, the plain side of the griddle can be used to cook eggs and pancakes. There are various griddles available in the market, but the one made from cast iron can make for the best outdoor griddle.

  1. Pizza Oven

If you have a pizza oven for outdoors, you can easily throw a pizza party every now and then. Pizzas are quick and easy to cook and loved by people of all ages. So having an outdoor pizza oven can make your outdoor cooking enjoyable. There are various different kinds of outdoor pizza ovens available in the market, and you can take your pick according to your cooking requirements and budget constraints.

  1. Jambalaya Pots

These pots are an essential utility when it comes to outdoor cooking. Jambalaya pots are flat bottomed cast iron pots which are available in different capacities, starting from 3 gallons to 1- gallons. You can have two or three of these of different capacities to help you cook for different number of people. These multifunctional pots can be used to prepare dishes like stoufee, gumbos, and soups while you are cooking for a good number of people. The inside of a Jambalaya pot is shaped concave, but even then it can be used on a regular propane burner.

  1. Sink

While many might not think about it, installing an outdoor sink can really help a lot before, after and during cooking. You can wash everything from vegetables to raw meat, and utensils. The sink can be used to wash and clean your hands as many times as you need during preparation and cooking. Installing an outdoor sink eliminates the need to head indoors for the smallest washing purposes.

  1. Refrigerator

Just like an outdoor sink, an outdoor refrigerator too makes for a convenient cooking appliance. You do not need to run into the house to grab a cold beverage, as you will have the facility outdoors. Many people prefer this added convenience of a refrigerator rather than a cooler.