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10 Proven Ways To Boost Your Linkedin Presence

LinkedIn is a great social media tool to augment your business presence and also establish yourself as a great entrepreneur within your industry. However, unless you know the right ways of using this platform, you’ll never be able to maximize the benefits. Hence, you need to know how the platform works, what can attract your targeted audiences, and how to increase LinkedIn followers through the use of different features.

In this article, you’ll find 10 important things that’ll help you boost your LinkedIn presence.

  • Be consistent with your posting

It’s important to maintain consistency while posting on LinkedIn. However, too many posts might hurt your presence. It has been found that people who have made 30 posts in a month have seen 56 engagements but on the other hand, people who have made more than 50 posts in a month have seen 25 engagements only. Experts recommend posting for twice or thrice a week. Also, try to make these posts in the morning so that more people can see to it.

  • Optimize your profile-

It’s important to optimize your profile for more engagements. Update your profile picture, add a bio, summary, and add your skills. Also, make use of the right keywords in your profile so that audiences can find you.

  • Share audio visual contents-

Posts having images, slides, or videos get more views than ordinary text posts. You can use the document feature to create a dynamic gallery that your users can swipe up.

  • Repost-

Another thumb rule to boost your LinkedIn presence is by reposting other’s content as well. You can repost the relevant contents written by others. Moreover, you should also share your opinions on those contents.

  • Don’t be too direct with your advertisements-

Though it is correct that your sole purpose is to market your products and services, it’s better to avoid being too persuasive with your posts and statuses. Do not make others feel that you are only trying to sell your product. Use leadership-type tones for better experience.

  • Engage with your audiences through live sessions-

You can get LinkedIn followers when you directly converse with them. And now you can do that with the LinkedIn Live feature. Live videos are more authentic because the audiences get to see you as a person. Live videos get 7X more reactions as compared to the normal video clips.

  • Use hashtags-

Though this hashtag trend is much more related to Instagram, this feature can also help you gain audiences. Using relevant hashtags helps you get discovered by your target audience.

  • Create groups or join one-

You can join a group relevant to your industry. Or create a group where you can build connections with people belonging to the same industry.

Last but not the least; you should always optimize the content based on analytics and create contents specific to LinkedIn. By following the above tips, you can easily boost up your brand presence on LinkedIn.