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Wifi Connectivity When Traveling In India

In past few years, many might have wondered if India is WiFi friendly, but these days India is catching up with the rest of the world and has become WiFi friendly more so over the past few years. India is making its landmark in the world trough every sector. The Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology declared the year 2007, as the year of broadband in India. In 2006, there were over 2 million broadband users in India. The number of foreign investors is increasing rapidly. This is leading step towards making India even more WiFi friendly.

In the past 6 years, the cell phone sector in India has increased dramatically. The cell phone revolution helped to increase WiFi in India and make India WiFi friendly. Today many people are preferring hybrid dual-mode handsets. These handsets can be operated on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. This shows that India is really becoming WiFi friendly. A big thanks also to the creation of super boost wifi, being connected has become even more intense. You no longer have to get upset with weak connection as this device allows you to be strongly connected wherever you are.

Many Indian banks are now offering ATM machines to the bank customers in India, as well as online banking. Online banking is another reason why WiFi in India is booming. There are plenty of electrical outages in India, and with WiFi in India being available in more places; this allows banking customers to access bill pay and other online banking needs in other places besides their homes.

Just a short time ago, undergraduates and professionals would use their home Pc’s more often. Now since WiFi in India has become more accessible, people are now choosing a laptop over a personal computer since laptops are now WiFi enabled. This is another sign of India becoming more WiFi friendly. Many universities and colleges are popular among laptops users due to their Wi-Fi accessibility.

For some reason people across the world may still think that India is behind in WiFi technology. The first and only reason initially was lack of bandwidth, which is still in need of improvements. The Indian government is working on some ambitious projects to make India more WiFi friendly. Some areas of Bangalore and Pune are now offering WiFi facilities. This is large initiative towards making India WiFi friendly. Some projects that are increasing WiFi in India are provided by a combination of Wimax and WiFi.

In the coming years, with more companies that combine efforts to establish connectivity for WiFi, will help make India WiFi friendly. Many government and private institutions are involved the innovation of WiFi technology. Some of the companies that provide cell phone service in India are also trying to help with enabling WiFi in rural parts of India, as well as some other countries outside of India. Now the rural population of India is beginning to get exposure to WiFi, which enables that area to have access to online banking, hotel booking, share trading and many other sites online while using WiFi in India. India has come a long way in technology. With India being WiFi friendly, it is helping to remove the concept that India is still a third world country.