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Why to choose the private message over other tools?

If you’re a parent, there are probably hundreds of times when you want to give your child privacy. They might be upset about something. Maybe they just need some space. Or maybe they don’t want to watch TV or go out with friends tonight. You can give them some alone time without having to say anything, but what if you could do so by simply writing on a post-it note? That’s what privnote is. 

You may have heard of the concept of “privacy notes” before. But in this case, they’re called “privnotes” because they offer an extra layer of privacy that allows users to write and send messages that only their recipients will know about. The idea behind privnote is simple: it makes it easier for parents to create some space for children to unwind while still letting them feel like they’re getting some rest. It also provides another way to communicate with kids without having to speak directly to them. The private message is letting parents be safer and less stressed about there kids’ over-risk chances. These features have allowed the kid to be in a safe environment and talk to their people without any major challenges or similar issues. Connect with them today and get better control of things for the safety of your kid.

To use privnote, you open up the app and start typing. If you’re looking at your own text, you can type things like “I love you,” or “I miss you,” or “Go to sleep now.” When you press Send, the message displays as a text bubble over your profile picture. Your recipient doesn’t see your message, but instead sees a colorful background with a blank speech bubble floating above your head. The recipient can reply by tapping on the bubble. The conversation continues until either user taps the X button to end it. 

When someone receives a privnote from your profile, the text disappears, leaving only a bubble with a heart icon floating over your head. To get rid of the bubble, you must tap on it. Once tapped, it goes away and leaves no trace that it was ever there. This feature makes it easy to hide messages that don’t belong to the person who sent them. For instance, if you receive a private message from someone else and delete it (or accidentally hit the wrong button), all traces of the message disappear immediately. 

The conversation continues until either user presses the X button to end it. 

privnote has been designed around giving people a way to create their own private conversations without needing to reveal sensitive information. There’s no address book integration or chat histories. All participants in a session see only their own messages. And once a conversation ends, it never comes back; there are no chat logs. In other words, there are no footprints left behind. 

There are also no ads. Instead, there are small banner ads in the bottom right corner. These make money through the sale of premium accounts. 

privnote offers a few different ways to interact with one another: 

1) Messages:

Each participant can receive up to 10 privnotes per day. Any additional messages sent after that will appear in your inbox, which you can then read and respond to. 

2) Private Notes:

You can compose new messages privately using the privnote app. Once composed, these messages are saved in your profile’s history. Any new messages that are received during the same session will replace any older ones. 

3) Group Conversations:

You can join existing groups to continue conversations started on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. 

4) Reactions:

Participants can choose to react to a particular message. A heart indicates positive reaction, whereas a frowny face means negative reaction. These reactions are stored within each conversation. 

5) Customization:

Participants can customize their profiles with photos, custom avatars, and even sound effects. 

6) Invite Friends:

Users can send invitations to join sessions. Anyone who accepts an invitation will automatically be added to the conversation. 

7) Audio & Video Calls:

If both parties agree, you can call one another for free. 

8) Photo Sharing:

Users can share photos in a group conversation or with individual users. 

9) Status Updates:

You can update your status with a photo or video. 

10) Chatbots:

Participants can ask questions and get answers from a chatbot. 

11) Voice Chats:

Users can talk to each other via voice chats. 

12) GIFs:

You can add animated images to your conversations. 

13) Location Tracking:

You can add locations to your profile. 

14) Contact Profiles:

You can link your social media accounts to personalize your profile. 

15) Send Money:

You can easily send money to anyone in the world. 

16) Share Files:

You can share files with others. 

17) Privacy Settings:

You can set privacy options and manage permissions. 

18) Premium Account:

You can buy a monthly subscription to unlock more features and remove ads. 

19) Support:

You can access customer service through email. 

20) More Features:

There are several other features available in the app, including stickers, gifs, emojis, and more. 

privnote works very similarly to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. You can send messages back and forth between users, and you may even get a notification that someone replied to your message. However, unlike those apps, privnote doesn’t keep track of when messages were sent, so privacy is maintained. 

Because of its limited featureset, it may not be the most popular messaging platform out there. But if you want to send some personalized messages to your children and don’t want to have any kind of record of the conversation, privnote is an excellent alternative. 

privnote was created by two developers, Emanuele Cusimano and Francesco Sciancalepore. Its creators describe it as an “anti-Facebook, anti-WhatsApp, anti-Telegram” app where users are in control of their data. The founders believe that Facebook and other social networks put too much power into the hands of third-party users, and that users should be the ones who decide whether or not their data is being properly protected. 

While the app itself seems pretty straightforward, there are actually a lot of things going on under the hood. For example, the app uses a secure connection and encryption technology to ensure that your data is safe. It also employs a system where every message you send is encoded and decoded twice. This ensures that nobody can intercept your messages. 

One interesting thing about the app is that it offers a free version and a paid tier. The free plan includes all the basic features, such as sending and receiving messages, photo sharing, location tracking, and more. However, the paid version is completely ad-free and unlocks advanced features like customizable avatars, customized sounds, and more. 

privnote isn’t meant to replace traditional messaging platforms. Instead, the app aims to provide a service that gives parents a place to give their kids some privacy. There are other services, such as Snapchat, that allow you to send disappearing messages, but these aren’t intended to help parents and kids build healthy relationships. 

privnote is available for Android and iOS devices.