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Why Not Choose An Antique Bathroom Vanity

Who says classic is old and outdated? Believe it or not, antiques are treasures, in every sense of the term. They are unparalleled, inimitable segments of history you fortunately can make a part of your home (if you so choose). Anyone inclined towards the Victorian aesthetic will be glad to find out that you need not rifle through any overstocked attic for a genuine relic from Queen Vic’s own collection. Rather, antique bathroom vanities are available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure, both in numerous brick-and-mortar stores and at any highly-reputed furniture shop conveniently located online. In that a somewhat popular notion that in order to acquire a top-notch specimen of an antique bathroom vanity, you are required to spend a fortune. Pshaw is what we say to that! Today’s top-grade furniture manufacturers have the sophisticated tools and techniques that work to apply classic textures and patterns to modern, environmentally-safe and durable materials and thus create stunning antique bath vanities in the image of those used by the royalty of yore.

Natural wood, metal, travertine, marble, granite, and glass are all perfectly well represented in the gorgeous antique bathroom vanities you will see on the market today. Old-school glam defies old-fashioned and outdated patterns. Old school means classic and impervious to fads, which is precisely the means to describe discount bathroom vanities.

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France, Italy, Spain, Britain, colonial America—you name it, antique bath vanities fit right in. Here are a few bits of designer decadence, which you can relish at a high discount price online. We have the Bosconi double sink antique bathroom vanity (beautiful, just as the name implies) that consists of natural wood cabinetry with a parchment finish– hand-carved detail, a la Queen Anne–, a sleek marble countertop, and two lustrous under-mounted porcelain sinks. Yes, indeed discount bathroom vanities come as double sink sets, too!

Then comes the XYLEM antique bathroom vanity, complete with a single-sink cabinet of solid oak and kiln-dried timber with an ancient blue finish, and a marble top (sold separately). We also can offer the beautifully crafted Silkroad Exclusive Harford discount bathroom vanity, which consists of a solid wood cabinet with one-door storage and eight drawers, a ceramic sink, and a brass faucet (sold separately). Then, there is the Keys antique bathroom vanity made of of MDF and offset by a distressed marble finish (available in aquamarine, pear green, or distressed cream); the fixture incorporates into its design maximum storage efficiency via three levels of four drawers (two on top, one each on bottom); the cream marble sink is the finishing touch. And how about the Fresca Platinum Paris antique bathroom vanity? This masterpiece is fashioned out of solid wood cabinet with a black gloss (body) and silver gloss (sides) finish. A lustrous and durable countertop is made of optical glass, as is a matching under-mounted sink.

The aesthetic of the olden, golden days coexists impeccably well with updated materials, which are intended to keep any antique bathroom vanities in top condition and be completely impervious to any damage. Classy, classical, convenient, and then some. Why not choose an antique bathroom vanity?