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Where To Buy Drug Tests

While it might be difficult to know where to look, you can now a home drug test kit in most pharmacies from the Confirm Biosciences testing company. The tests are regularly found around other home tests. The drugstores offer multi-board drug tests that can test for four, six, or twelve different drugs or only one if you want.

The average price of a 12-panel drug test at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart is $39.41 and a solo Cannabis (THC) test was priced at the $15.53 dollar range.

While each of these home medication tests will give you an outcome in five minutes, the test price also includes a lab test if you think you need one. It even says so on the container that it includes the price of lab testing if you need one. If you use the at-home drug test and get your answer in five minutes and pick not to send it to a lab, there is no refund.

While cannabis test in-store costs around 15 dollars you can the same test for 2 dollars online. It is the same test that you can get at the pharmacy, but it doesn’t include the lab testing fee. Some individuals think that the tests in the pharmacy stores are more costly because they are of a higher quality. It’s not true, the only difference is the extra lab cost.

When picking a test, pick a test that is FDA approved as they are the most accurate. If you get a positive result on your test, you can simply take that pee test to a lab in your town and get the lab to analyze it, however, you don’t need to pay for it if you don’t need it.

You can depend on the tests you find on the web, if they are FDA approved. Don’t pay extra for the hidden lab fee if you don’t need it, you can always get it tested in a lab for money if you need to.