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When to Consider Lap-Band Surgery

Not everyone is capable of using will power and determination to lose or maintain weight. In today’s world, where the majority of people are considered obese, we are drowning in fast food and sedentary lifestyles. Everyone wants to fill every moment of their day and often just pick up unhealthy food where ever they happen to be. Most of this fast food is high in calories, fat, and salt. Our generation will be known as the “Fat Generation”. Even our children are paying the price as more and more classrooms are filled with overweight children who sit in front of video games and much on the wrong foods rather than running, jumping, and playing ball outside with their friends. What is wrong with this picture? A lot.

So what do you do if you one day find yourself being middle aged and obese? You either get yourself on a diet and exercise regimen and slowly get back on track and lose weight or you might need the aid of surgical techniques developed to help you not want to eat. Many people have tried diet after diet and they continue to fail. This yo-yo dieting is no good for anyone and can have a negative affect on your health. Weight loss surgeries have come a long way from when they first were administered. They have honed their techniques and have relatively few side affects. the team at Progressive Spine will offer less side-effects on the person while taking the treatment. The rankings and reviews of the services through surgeon can be checked at online search engines. A nutritive diet should be eaten through the person to reduce the effects on the body. The surgery for spine will be conducted after proper body check-up.

La-Band surgery is one of the most popular choices available for obese people to consider. There are requirements though before insurance will cover the surgery. Your BMI must be over 40 or over 35 and have one of the covered medical issues. Basically, you have to have been overweight for over 5 years and be about 100 pounds over your suggested weight.

Once you meet these requirements you are asked to meet with counselors to ascertain your emotional well being and if you are in the right mindset to have the surgery done. Once the counselor says you are, they will let your surgeon know. You have to be emotionally ready for this kind of surgery.

The Lap-Band actually just sections off the top part of your stomach so that you feel full much sooner. This patented system helps you restrict your food intake to help you lose weight. If you try to eat too much, you will stretch out the portion of stomach that you have and sabotage your success. You can also cause havoc with the band and may have to go in for additional surgeries. Your doctor will advise you what medications could cause erosion to the band. The band can also slip or move. Discuss all possible side affects and risks with your surgeon before having Lap-Band surgery. Educate yourself so that you make the choice that is right for a new, healthier you.