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What is the SmokeTip Tank?

The tank is a new design offered by SmokeTip and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the website so I didn’t think I’d have much luck with the actual vaporizer and the vape liquid online that I tried. At $79 for the Smoke Tank Kit, it’s definitely pricier than elsewhere, and I expected to get some serious bang for my buck.

The Halo Triton Tank Starter Kit, for example, is just $64.99. South Beach Smoke offers the Storm Tank Starter Kit for a little less at $49.99. Plus we can’t forget about the V2 Cigs series – The Ex Series and Series 3 are forces to be reckoned with! The SmokeTip tank had better deliver for the sort of prices they are expecting!

You get 2 batteries, a bottle of e-liquid (12ml), a USB charger, a wall charger, and a spare atomizer for when yours needs replacing. I guess the point that you get two batteries here needs to be said. Most kits with the tanks only give you one battery.

The kit itself isn’t bad looking but I found the packaging a bit shoddy. It doesn’t feel cheap, as such, but it’s definitely not as well-made as some of the other personal vaporizers I’ve used.

I didn’t really like the design much either. It was too clunky and clumsy for my liking – it’s an odd shape and it feels odd in your hands.

Find Out More About The Battery…

It’s a standard 650mah battery with the SmokeTip Tank, and there are NO additional sizes available. For just under $80 for the kit, you’d at least expect there to be the option to add an extra-capacity battery. You don’t have that luxury here, unfortunately.

You do have color options which are something. You can make your pick from pink, chrome, black, or white batteries.

I didn’t really find the batteries that great if I’m honest. They didn’t last very long – I was having to plug them in at least twice per day, and I don’t feel as if they were very sturdy. There was a rattling sound coming from one of them!

I didn’t use them long enough to find out how many times you can recharge the battery. I wouldn’t imagine the life of them being overly long if you’re having to recharge them multiple times per day… Just saying.

What About The Vaporizer?

There were a few redeeming features about the SmokeTip Tank vaporizer. For a start, you can control your own airflow with a handy little dial. I would have preferred a variable voltage battery rather than variable airflow but it is something that tends to come in handy from time to time.

There was a lot of vapor with the SmokeTip Tank too. The dual coil really works its magic here and gives you a decent amount of vapor. It’s hardly the most discreet of vaporizers I’ve ever used but if you’re at home and you prefer extra puff, it’s not a bad choice.

The ‘No Leaks’ tank actually does the job quite well. As far as I’m aware I haven’t suffered from any leakages. Nor have I had to suffer the pain of liquid in my mouth. So far, so good.

Of course, with the new tank, SmokeTip was going to need to start selling liquids to refill the tanks with. I wasn’t overly impressed with the range of cartridges the brand had to offer so I hoped the liquid side of things would bode better.

Nine flavors… Not bad. Not exactly great either. Not when you look at the likes of Halo Cigs and their many interesting flavors of e-liquid on offer. You can make your pick from:

There are more strengths available in the liquids than there are in the pre-filled cartridges too:

It would seem as if they have done slightly better with the perusal vaporizer than they did with the two-piece, that’s for sure.

When using the liquid, the flavors were a bit ‘diluted’ for my tastes. I prefer something a bit fuller; a bit stronger. I actually want to taste whatever I’m meant to be smoking and sadly, the SmokeTip range didn’t do that great in my opinion. The 24mg was strong enough to satisfy my nicotine addiction, but the flavors needed to have a bit more oomph to impress me.

It is a new and improved tank design which suggests that at some point, they are a brand that likes to listen to their customers. They also promise ‘low prices’ although I’m not sure I would agree on that. You might get two batteries in the starter kit but this doesn’t warrant the higher price as they still don’t last quite as long as they should do.

There is 24/7 phone support which is always handy when something goes wrong. Plus a “Lifetime Warranty” that actually only exists when you place an order to then get the freebie battery sent out. Essentially, you still have to spend more money to get your hands on the replacement. You might as well just order a brand new battery.

This was tough for me as it had the potential to be a really good personal vaporizer but sadly, the battery really let it down. It does give off good vapor and offers a half-decent throat hit too, but the lackluster flavors and not enough options really let the side down.