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Tips on How to Naturally Fight Cortisol Induced Cravings

Cortisol is the hormone synonymous with stress and belly bulge. With the surge of weight loss pills now directed at alleviating belly fat by fighting the hormone that is released upon the experience of a stressful situation (which usually triggers cravings for fatty, sugary foods), dieters are becoming more and more aware of just how much stress can affect their weight loss success. However, if weight loss pills just aren’t your thing, consider the following tips on how to naturally fight those cortisol induced cravings as you learn how to approach eating in a healthful manner.

Tip #1: Walk it off. Whether your goal is to lose weight or not, exercising can reduce cortisol levels significantly and ward off cravings for fatty foods. Even if your actual weight doesn’t go down, you may still see a firmer, flatter stomach as a result. Do be aware that in order to see substantial results it will be necessary to actually have a release of endorphins in the brain (which can counteract cortisol). Exercising at least moderately for forty five minutes or more is recommended, but even simply adding a fast paced walking routine daily can help.

Tip #2: Practice meditation one hour before bedtime. Meditation can certainly relax the entire body at any time of the day, but practicing right before bedtime can lead to more restorative rest throughout the night. Restorative rest means less stress on the body and brain upon waking, meaning that cortisol levels may decrease. Leptitox Reviews: Does the Fat Burner Really Work? The answer is provided to the customers to reduce the weight. The working of the fat burner should be great to get effective results. The meaning of the ingredients with pros and cons should be stated to the people. 

Tip #3: Try deep breathing during confrontations. That spike in cortisol that takes place during an argument or an intense situation can be fought naturally with a simple breathing practice that almost instantly relaxes the entire body. Breathe in through the nose for five seconds, hold for a moment, and release as slowly as possible through the mouth. For an added boost, imagine releasing those cravings with each breath.

Tip #4: Schedule meals during peaceful times. Most of us grab breakfast as we run out the door, eat lunch over our keyboards, and eat dinner in the car on the way to dropping off the kids at soccer practice. Stress and eating go hand in hand with cortisol-induced cravings that add to the belly’s circumference. Try waking up fifteen minutes earlier in order to eat breakfast at the table, even if it is only a cereal bar. Eat lunch while seated away from your work area, and have dinner around the table with your family as often as possible even if it means a bit of rescheduling. Even if you’re eating takeout, your cravings may by less powerful and your consumption of fatty foods may decrease.

Tip #5: Stretch it out in the morning. A quick stretching routine every morning can not only increase flexibility, but also improve energy levels. As such, stress related to fatigue may take a hit, possibly reducing cortisol levels (depending upon the extent to which fatigue troubles you each day). Stretch your arms out toward the ceiling and behind your back for a quick, natural energy boost.

Tip #6: Keep a mini-stepper under your desk. A mini-stepper is a great way to keep the body moving when it would otherwise be sedentary, meaning that workday stress can find its way to your feet rather than your belly. A slow, constant step throughout your workday can work wonders. Much better than a stress ball…

Tip #7: Keep foods high in fat and sugar out of the house. If you have to make a run to the store for your soda, potato chips, or chocolate bar, chances are your craving will have time to subside before you make the effort. If stress related cravings are a problem for you, simply keep temptation away. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorites from time to time, but keeping them off of the regular shopping list can reduce belly fat for you in the long run.

Remember, it may not be possible to completely alleviate all cortisol induced cravings for good, but these natural tips can go a long way toward helping you design a new lifestyle that isn’t controlled by fatty foods. Speak to your doctor if you have implemented these tips and are still having trouble with your cravings.