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The Rise Of Depression And The Cannabis Response

Depression is one of the main health issues that the society faces today. According to Word Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people are suffering from depression across the globe. While studies for this concern is still on-going, this psychological disorder can be cured by proper treatment. On the other note, some studies claim that marijuana can be an effective medicine to fight depression. Such claim is contradicted by other studies representing marijuana as harmful to the human brain and therefore can trigger the risk of depression. While there are differences amongst studies and research, it is important that we know some of the facts about the relationship between depression and cannabis. Thus, in this article, you will be faced with necessary details about the rise of depression and the cannabis response.

Marijuana and the human brain

Gone are the days when marijuana is only considered as taboo. Today, some countries have accepted and legalized the use of marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes. Despite some research and studies that marijuana has a lot of medicinal benefits, people should never utilize this substance without the subscription or advise from a medical professional.

Now, the question is: how does cannabis affect the human brain? Based on studies, when someone uses marijuana, the ingredients of the drug tie to the cannabinoid receptors in his brain. Such receptors have the ability to change the state of mind and may cause euphoric sensation. Some parts of the human brain are affected by marijuana when taken into our body; amygdala, neocortex and nucleus acumens. Amygdala is responsible for balancing emotions, anxiety and fear. Thus, when people use marijuana, they can feel anxious and paranoid. Neocortex on the other hand is responsible for decision-making and movement. Hence, when people use marijuana they have a hard time focusing and thinking accordingly.

Marijuana and Depression: Friends or Enemies?

While there are arguments whether marijuana causes or helps with depression, some facts have been accepted and proven already about the mere relationship between marijuana and depression. In general, marijuana can both cause depression and can help people with such psychological illness. Since marijuana can cause euphoric effects, studies prove that people experiencing such effects will be relaxed and stimulated. Consequently, when someone who is suffering from depression takes marijuana he may experience little decrease in negative emotions and thoughts. But the National Academies state that marijuana is the sole treatment of depression and therefore should not be used regularly. There is no specific study that marijuana can indeed depression alone. As a result, other studies claim that marijuana causes depression. Heavy marijuana use can definitely increase symptoms of depression and other psychological illnesses. As such, they generally and strongly disregard and contradict that marijuana cannot cure depression. In fact, cannabidiol which is a plant extract of marijuana has a lot of negative effects on the human body, more especially to human brain. Some of the CBD oil side effects are; anxiety, changes in appetite and mood, diarrehea, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and so many more.

Self-Medicating with marijuana

Self medicating with marijuana can certainly cause health problems. Self medicating or simply using marijuana to cure depression is not advisable because it makes the health condition even worse. Additionally, self medicating marijuana can increase the users tolerance which can lead to addiction. When this happens, the person will have no control of his mental capacity which may cause to suicidal act. Depression and marijuana addiction can always occur at the same time, and it is no good. The most important thing to do is to always consult and seek medical help from a medical professional. Don not put the treatment on your own hands, there are experts out there who can really help you get through depression. In general, depression and cannabis have been correlated over the years. While there are studies that cannabis can cure depression, there are still researches claiming that marijuana can further damage one’s mental illness. With the  continous studies and progress of cannabis ib the medical field, it is important to be armed with necessary facts and information to be aware of what marijuana can really do in our human body.