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The Cure for Diabetes

Disease is bad syntax. The failure of the body to maintain harmonious communication between the different operating systems. Like a bad sentence the unbalanced constitution soon unravels, fragments and falls apart.

The primitive physicians of the middle ages understood this very well. Oriental medicine still adheres to the principles of harmonious balance.

Modern medical science is particular and addresses symptomatic relief rather than well being. Have you noticed how preoccupied your M.D. is with quantification. You aren’t unhealthy, your numbers are simply out of whack. B.P. too high, sugars too low, cholesterol, triglycerides, lipids, white count, hemoglobin, testosterone; everything has a number. The physician feels he must bombard you with drugs to try to align all the numbers, leaving you an over medicated, unhealthy wreck rather than a balanced self regulating human animal.

Doctors are pseudo-scientists. They have a basic background in biology, physiology, chemistry and anatomy but get most of their information from the pharmaceutical companies. They are under pressure to sell drugs; any holistic, homeopathic or natural approach to the treatment of disease is looked upon as quackery.

Take for example the chronic disease diabetes. Surgeons have noted that the disease goes away almost immediately after gastric bypass surgery. Not months later after the patient loses weight but within days, sometimes hours after the procedure. This would seem to indicate that origins of the problem are contained in the gut. The lap band procedure has no effect on diabetes because the gut is left intact. In bypass surgery a large portion of the stomach and a significant length of the small intestine (most importantly the duodenum) is eliminated.

This type of surgery is radical and somewhat dangerous but now that it is being accomplished laparoscopically with much reduced mortality and fewer complications it is being considered as a viable option not only as a treatment for gross obesity but as a surgical consideration in the elimination of the wasting disease of diabetes.

Presently diabetes is treated by the introduction of additional insulin to the metabolic system either by direct injection or by chemical stimulation and interference with the operations of the pancreas and liver. These harsh chemical put these organs and the kidneys at risk of damage. Diabetics are at a higher risk not only for heart problems and stroke but are more susceptible to liver failure, kidney failure and pancreatitis. The maintenance medications used in chemical based treatments provide huge profits to the pharmaceutical corporations. Research should be focused on enzymatic relief within the gut rather than insulin manipulation.

Many other diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, vascular disease, depression, anxiety disorders, ect. are treated symptomatically with very profitable maintenance meds. Cures are avoided and overlooked because they would interrupt the revenue stream. The major flaw with health care is the profit motive. Hence, it is important to always go for products and medications that are reputable, trusted and proven to be effective like sugar balance. These products are not only affordable but they will certainly help people to have a long healthy life.

Physicians heal thyself.