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Tarot Card Of The Day The Wheel How Will You Respond To The Things That Happen In Your Life

“I find it helps to sing to pass the time. As The Wheel, I am always turning. Never still, that’s me! There’s always something happening around me.

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“Two days ago, Shelley in Tampa won the lotto finally! It only took her EIGHT years. Two weeks ago, quintuplets were born in the Stanfield Hospital. They are all healthy and will be coming home in two months. Big brother, Tao is super excited not to be an only child anymore! He’s in sixth grade now.

“Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Yesterday, family and friends held a good old fashioned Irish and Norse wake for Mr. Hennessy in Oslo. They set his canoe, with him in it, ablaze on a lake. Afterward, there was drinking and merriment. Safety first! Five days prior, the Smirths lost everything in a house fire. Everyone made it out but their things went up in smoke. So tragic! Luckily, the community rallied around them and they replaced everything in six months. How great!

“Oh them? Those four aren’t talkative. Half the time, the lion wants to eat everyone. The other half, he sleeps. The bull only talks if he’s riled up, in which case, Do NOT show him red! The eagle ignores both the land dwellers and only sometimes talks to the winged maiden. For her part, the winged woman contemplates why animals are her only companions.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to the events that unfold as I rotate. I trust you understand that by now. Things happen. How will respond to the things that happen in your life?