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Player Model API Mod

The Player Model API mod though did nothing different to the game environment, gives you an interesting difference still. Could you imagine how if you walk around the Minecraft world as a creeper or a squid even? This is what the Player Model API mod gives you as you get to explore different characters via this free Minecraft account generator.

The Player Model API mod does not give any changes to the elements of the game, but it gives you a difference in the perspective or the point of view on where you play the game. For example, when your first seeing is the world of Minecraft from human-level point of view, you can then change the point of view into a creeper point of view, or even a squid.

There are a lot of different characters to choose from. You can try all different points of view while playing in the same dungeon. Just see it for yourself and you will realize just how much different the world seems even though you only become slightly shorter or higher.

Player Model API mod Minecraft 1.1 – Surviving Your Creeper Life

Playing in a different point of view with the Player Model API mod is pretty fun. You could found out just how many things looks different and how it feels to survive and gather woods, things that you usually do inhuman point of view.

Here are steps in installing the mod:

– First, you enter the player model API mod download

– After that, you have to have a Modloader on your PC. If not, you can download it on the internet.

– Just like usual, open the Minecraft.jar and delete the META INF folder

– Drag the files from the mods and you will get the mod installed on your Minecraft.

Download Player Model API Mod for Minecraft 1.1 :

Now that you have the mod on your Minecraft, you can start selecting the perspective you would like to use. Try becoming a silverfish and see how you handle the Minecraft world from the floor. This Player Model API mod will give you a great experience.