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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Although plastic surgery usually has positive results, there are considerable accounts of plastic surgery gone wrong. Plastic surgery is a medical operation concerned with the correction of imperfections in a human body like in treatment of burns or faults occurred due to accidents or an outward appearance like implantation of chin, cheek, etc. Cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries are its kinds. Usually this type of surgery results in adverse effects in later years of life. Even it could save the life by removing the harmful tumours. The Masri Clinic will guide the people about what is wrong in a procedure. It requires some skills and intelligence of the experts. The gathering of the information from the guide is essential to have desired results.

Consequences Of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

The plastic surgery save a life as well as it has certain controversies that, the chances for a wrong surgery are more. Side effects are quite embracing, very serious cases results in vigorous reactions towards anaesthesia. Sometimes organ damage or even death may also occur. One in four people have bitter experiences as the result of this like:

  • Hardening of implants
  • Leakage of implants
  • Reactions to the medications
  • Movement/Slipping of implants
  • Drooping or disproportionate breasts
  • Massive scarring and possible mutilation
  • Too much skin is removed
  • Fatality
  • Nerve damage/tissue or organ damage
  • Nicole Kidman – The Plastic Surgery Doll

The stars are engaged in this type of surgery. They try to bypass the aging and maintain a flawless image. The best examples are Michael Jackson, Hang Mioko, Nicole Kidman, etc. It is the art of mixing their natural beauty and porcelain skin. It was amazing that journalists have begun to label Nicole Kidman a living doll. There are no traces of forty years – no wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, sagging skin and other signs of aging. Genes, nutrition, therapy, exercise and lifestyle play a crucial role in one’s appearance. The most popular is her nose is reshaped. In addition, Nicole also includes Botox injections. Botox approach has an effective process, in delaying the aging. She is also exposed to breast enlargement. The negative effects of that plastic surgery wreaked her visage.


People make their own choice to make improvements in the body. Here are some ideas of what a person should think before taking a surgery. A plastic surgery consultation is little more complicated than regular medical consultation. One needs to go over things thoroughly and completely with the doctor and discuss all the options that are practicable. It is sometimes difficult to do a particular kind of operation to achieve objectives, and a plastic surgeon with experience and knowledge of specific methods is most important. The surgery should never be an impulsive decision but try better ways of thinking about body enhancement goals. Better is to avoid complications, always be natural and love originality. So to avoid occurrences of plastic surgery gone wrong it is very important to talk in depth with your consult, doctor or surgeon.