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Overcoming Your Weight Loss Struggles

In the era of celebrities posing for Playboy just weeks after giving birth, and Christian Bale being a yo-yo with his weight rumoured to have gone from 215lbs to 125lbs and back again- all for the sake of our viewing pleasure- it is difficult for the average person to get a handle on what is normal and what is abnormal (Just in case you did not know, the Bunnies and Batman are abnormal). If you are like me and have tried a thousand and one ways to lose weight, I like to think you are normal. Best Weight Loss Pills for women are absolutely safe to include in your balanced diet. These pills are not reported to cause any serious side-effects thought still it has different dosage for the different people. Weight-loss is hard! Anyone who says otherwise is not very nice. To be knowledgeable in the ways of weight-loss, you have to be a pro at putting weight on. It took me two years to put on one hundred pounds, one year to realize that I was fat, and four years to lose it.

One year? Yes, one whole year. I wish someone had the gall to tell me that I was a behemoth. In high school, I played many sports and was in excellent shape. Being an athlete in really good shape came with many perks, but also many side effects. The number one side effect being my head became bigger than my muscles! After high school, I kept eating like I still played a bunch of sports. My shirts and pants got tighter while my delusions got bigger- as did my stomach. I actually thought, due to the protein I was eating, that my muscles were growing. I did not know they were turning to blubber. One long past due day, I saw strange lines on my stomach (gut). I realized I no longer was in the same shape as in high school. Those lines were very large stretch marks. I remember it hitting me and actually wanting to cry. I had ruined myself.

I tried every diet possible. If I could read about it, I tried it. Two things happened every time: I lost weight and then put more on once I got off the stupid diets. I started to exercise but could never keep up a routine. Frankly, if I kept one up, the only kind I knew was how to build muscle. I did not know how to burn fat. I found a diet that worked but I hated it. I had to eat like a bird. Darn it! I like to eat. The key was to figure out how to lose the weight while still living a normal life (eating food that tastes good and having a drink). Four years and one hundred pounds later, I have discovered the recipe of how to lose weight.

  1. Cardiovascular exercise

No, I don’t mean running or something hard like that. I hate running. I like movies and books. Find a way to include your cardio into something you like. By cardio, I mean treadmill, step mill, rower, etc., not walking at your own pace around the mall (sorry mall walkers) and then getting a thousand calorie latte. For myself, at first, it was reading at the gym while on some type of equipment. Then, on a treadmill at home, at speed four/ incline four while watching a movie or show. It didn’t feel like exercise if I wasn’t thinking about it and staring at the evil timer.

  1. Weight training

You have to lift weights to tighten your body up while you’re losing weight. Loose skin can be a little nasty- trust me. It does not have to be heavy weight. Light weight, high repetition is fine. This was especially difficult for me to comprehend because I had only ever learned how to power train for sports like football and wrestling. Weights are especially important for helping women prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones) later in life.

  1. Prope diet

The key to proper dieting is not to diet. Yes, there is the diet secret. DON’T DIET! Ever hear of counting calories? It is awesome. Eat what ever you want- just try to keep it under 2500 calories or preferably 2000 calories for optimal results. The best part is, if you start your day with forty minutes of cardio and burn 500 calories, guess what? You can still eat 2500 calories and keep it under 2000. A tip: flavored rice cakes with cool whip are a lot less calories than a late night chocolate binge.

  1. Proper supplementation

For some people, a simple meal replacement shake will help. Down the line, when you are almost to your goal and you may have plateaued, a fat burner or something along those lines might help. Just remember to be very careful and do your due diligence, which includes asking a physician.

  1. Personal training

This is extremely important! It also can be pricey. Then again, when you have diabetes, cancer, and heart disease it can get pricey, also. Oh yeah- and they can kill you. If you need help fighting a fire, you go to a fireman. If you want to lose weight, go to a personal trainer. I know trainers who can make the biggest meat heads get sore with very little weight. Even if you only are with a trainer for a short while, it is crucial for the education. If you knew how to get to where you want to be physically, you would not be reading this list. Just leave it to a professional. If I want help with my taxes I’m going to a CPA. The same principle applies with a trainer.

Those five keys should help you lose your weight. Remember, it will not be easy and it will not happen over night. It took me four years and I still struggle. Every time I get to a new milestone I gain weight. I have to conquer that milestone several times before getting to the next goal. Just stay positive and keep plugging away. You will fail from time to time. Remember, you are not alone. Everyone struggles. Be persistent and you will succeed.