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Most Amazing Types Of Earrings That You Must Buy!

An earring is a type of ornament or jewelry usually wore in the ear all over the globe. An earring is mostly attached to the different parts of the ear through a piercing, but nowadays, there are various types of earrings available in the market that can be attached to the ear without piercing. Most of the earrings are worn in the lower part of the ear known as the ear lobe, but with the passage of time, people have started wearing them in other parts of the ear too. Although earrings are a type of jewelry, it is worn by both males and females. Some people wear it as a fashion trend whereas some people wear it as it is an integral part of their traditions.

Earrings are being used by people of different parts of the world for a long time. Earrings have evolved a lot over time, and now there are plenty of designs and types of earrings available, and you can choose anyone out of them, which fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. The earlobe piercing is the most common type of piercing, but there are various other types of earring piercing, too, and have their own look and designs. Earlier earrings were commonly made up of precious metals, but with its burgeoning popularity, it is available in different materials such as plastic, metal, glass, diamond, gold, etc.

What are the different types of earrings?


These are a small but astonishing type of earrings and have their own class and unique look. Studs are readily available in different shapes and sizes, and you can even get them customized to make them fit perfectly to your needs and requirements. The unique thing about the studs is that they remain completely attached to the ear and don’t hang down like other types of earrings. Mostly studs are connected to the lower part of the ear, ear lobe, but some also prefer to wear it on different parts of the ear too. The stud has a gem or diamond in front and a pin at the back, which goes through the ear and fits the jewel into it. A nut or clutch is being fit into the pin to prevent it from getting slipped away from the backside of the ear. It is easily removable and looks quite appealing. The wide variety of designs and attractive looks make studs one of the most beautiful and loved types of earrings.


Hoops are one of the most common and widely used earrings. These earrings are circular and are available in umpteen designs and sizes. Most of the hoops are circular in shape bit with the increasing demand and changing fashion trends; now, they are also available in other shapes, too, such as the oval, rectangular, and triangular. A hoop has two parts that are connected with a small pin or wire, and this pin is put through the ear to attach the hoop with it and seems like a huge hoop hanging from your ear. It gives a fantastic look and goes with all types of modern as well as traditional dresses.

Drop earrings

If you want the more elegant and royal look, then drop earrings can be the best option for you. These earrings are a bit extended types of studs and allow you to choose from a wide variety of designs, patterns, and sizes. These types of earrings are attached to the central part of earn known as the ear lobe, but the main thing that makes them different from the studs is that unlike studs, they hang down from the ear. Drop earrings can come in any variety, such as hoop, studs, or hanging earrings with chains. Drop earrings have much more variety as compared to other earrings, and you can choose the most suitable design for you. Some drop earrings also have a precious stone embedded in the lower part of the earring, which hangs down and is more visible.


Dangles are identical to the drop earrings, but the only thing that differs them both is that dangles hang much more low than drop earrings and also have complete freedom to swing along with the movement of the body. Dangles are modern types of earrings, and the hanging part is designed more precisely as it is a significant part which makes the whole look of the earring. You can choose the most suitable length as they are available in different lengths and shapes. You can also click this site to check some of the top designs of dangle earrings. You can easily customize these earrings and can add different features to the hanging part to make it more attractive and eye-popping.


Chandeliers are hanging lights used for home decor, and these earrings got their name because of their resembling appearance with the chandeliers. These are stunning earrings with amazing designs and precision. Some of these earrings dangle too and are studded with different gems and stones. Most of them are designed in the shape of a drop to make them look more royal and elegant. These earrings can easily add a few stars to your outfit and make it more beautiful. They have multi-story decorations and precious stones embedded perfectly.


If you are looking for a fusion of hoops and studs, then Huggies are the best earring for you. They are circular like the hoops, but at the same time, they don’t hang down from your ear like the hoop; instead, they perfectly fit your ear tightly like the studs. They are a more compact and thick type of hoop and can be termed as the modern hoop earrings. They look like a ring being attached to the ears, which makes it different from others and highly in demand. Like the hoops, they also have a pin in between that completes that circle and gets through the ear and attach the earring to it properly. You can choose different sizes according to your preference; for instance, if you like a more traditional look, then you can consider bigger size hoops, or if you are wearing a modern dress, then compact and tight fit Huggies will complement it better.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are the small and cute type of earring that goes around the ear loop and gets locked at the end. It can be worn on other parts of the ear, too, using a piercing. Now it is not necessary to get your ear pierced as there are magnetic ear cuffs available that have magnets at the end and get attached to the ear without going through it. They are easy to wear and are designed in such a way that they don’t get too tight and cause pain in your ear.


It is one of the most unique and modern designs of earrings as it involves a single thread that goes through your ear lobe and hangs on both sides. Most of the time, it a mere thread, but you can make some modifications and customize it by adding any gem or stone at the end of the thread, or you can also decorate the thread too to give it a personal touch.

To put it in a nutshell, you have a vast range of earrings to choose from, but you will have to decide what you actually need and which earring will suit you the most.