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Minecraft Witchery Mod – Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe

The associations of witchcraft have changed greatly over time – Hammurabi’s Code addressed witches as subjects of the law, the infamous Salem Witch Trials had neighbors watching each other for black cats and flying brooms, and – more recently – the likes of Hermione Granger have entered their sorcerous ranks. Now Minecraft is giving witchery a go, and I daresay that practicing the craft in that blocky world is a lot more fun. The free minecraft accounts 2020 will offer fun and entertainment to the individuals. The practicing of the games is great to have a winning experience. The understanding of the rules is great to have more money in the bank account. The entering of the correct details is necessary.

Most Minecraft magic mods add a few spells and staves – luckily for us, this isn’t most Minecraft mods. This is Emoniph’s Witchery Mod, and it is so much more than just a magic mod. This awesome addition expands all corners of the game, adding mystical books, horticultural brews, new trees and enemies, devices and incantations, and so much more. There’s even werewolves and vampirism!

Witchcraft has received a bad rap over the years, but at one point the term wasn’t necessarily negative. This mod takes that into account, and is much less malicious than, say, the Blood Magic mod I reviewed earlier. This mod gives you more of a choice – you can be a more reclusive white witch, tending your herb garden, harnessing sunlight, inscribing runes into the ground, and banishing the undead – OR – you can make deals with demons, engage in necromancy, summon evil entities, and more.

Okay, you really shouldn’t need much convincing for this one. It’s so jam-packed with content that Smuckers is considering filing a lawsuit. … okay, horrendous jokes aside, this is seriously an insane mod, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, I feel like the only thing I can do is to provide some more of the features it adds. So, without further adieu:

• Summon Familiars 

what is a witch without a trusty companion? Well, still a witch, but companions are cool anyways. Get a toad, cat, or owl to assist in your misadventures

• Ride an Enchanted Broom 

it looks like Harry Potter got this part right. Zoom through the air atop a

mundane household cleaning tool

• Become a Brewer 

I’m not talking about craft beers, here. Using the myriad of ingredients added by this mod, create acids to eat through the land or a potion that summons owls to rend your enemy

• Lycanthropy 

If being a witch/warlock isn’t enough, how about a werewolf, too? You can become infected with the lycan disease and begin to level up as a werewolf

• Oh, and Vampirism 

if all that werewolf fur has you worried about your carpet, becoming a much more hygienic vampire might be more your style

• Summoning 

conjure demons, flame imps, spectral familiars, and more otherworldly denizens. Make sure to have a circle of protection up, else you may get smacked down


otherwise known as voodoo dolls. You can use these to benefit yourself or make the existence of someone else torturous – your call

• Quests 

through the discovery of witch covens or hidden altars, you can undertake tasks that will reward you with rare ingredients or items

• Necromancy and Demonology

those are some cool words right there – crazily enough, they make even cooler features

• Circle Magic and Rituals 

as opposed to typical arcane magic, which is sourced from the caster’s own innate energy, witchcraft requires precisely incised runes and specific ingredients. The results of these efforts, however, are more than worthwhile – open yawning chasms, take flight, create expanding spheres of ice, and much more

So that’s some of the stuff you can do as a witch. Quite a bit, right? Funnily enough, I haven’t even scratched the surface of this mod – there’s so many spells, devices, and ingredients added that I’d need a full wiki to do it all justice. If you’re still unconvinced, check out this video. If you’re a rational person and are already fiending for the download link, go out there and get it.